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Asphyxiation is my name, dead bodies and souls are my game. You can find me having a ghoulish delight all around the graves and clubs where the fiends roam. As of musical taste you'll just have to ask but to let you sample. My fav genres of music are Deathrock, some punk,Black Metal,EBM,Inudstrial,Terror EBM, Noise, Etheral, classical and chamber music, neo-folk... I like to be sadistic to those I don't makes it more fun that way...heheheh..if your a friend your not dead yet.
"Death is only but a another world...pain is not but another illusion the mind is only a place...."

I adopted a cute lil' death fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

 Tonight    2007-07-18 11:25:30 ET
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 Pin Pick of the truth    2007-07-13 12:30:09 ET
YOu ever feel the sense of reality escpes you and your lost with out knowing the truth. You try to make sense of it but all you do is wonder why at all why consider it and care for any repercutions. I made mistakes and been at fault and admit to them i make amends when I know I'am wrong but when you friends those around yo never listen or believe you what does it mean. Did I do enough ?? was it because of one lie the years of decades of the truth washed and erased. Emotions tend to cloud our judgement then think of the past and see the track record of people. How is it someone who lies all the time is seen as the truth or maybe seen as the truth teller because people refuse to accept the truth and deal with life. It said to say drama is life it on all the time no matter if you avoid it and or try to dodge it or deny you have any. But embrassing it is hard because people don't want to experince life and they joys and sarrows it carries. It hard to see the truth when all you want is your selfish draw and ignore your path. I fallow mine but its hard to stand ground when all people do is take steal and lie to your face. Almost to where you would cry and ask what does it matter at all. People love to kick you when your down and for me its true i have people who do it to me and feel no sarrow because they let their drive to an excusse of a reason do it and in the end how can you say your a human being or a good person when all you do is look for the pleasure in your owen life and never look to help others. I usual see the truth but sticking by it what sucks because when you know the truth you suffer for it because only a liar will change the story and eventually it becuase so diluted they get caught and the world of truth grows brighter when they lie falls apart. To all out their never stop telling the truth when you make mistakes admit it get up move on prgroess don't let those who hurt you win because in the end the way the win is when you give up not when you ignore it and take no action. Those to who are bi standards and stay out of things then sticking up stop being corwads when someone is suffering help them don't treat them like trash because to be called a friend comes with response ablitie and to ignore them make you know friend it makes you a villian and someone who only contributes the the sadness of now you have to ask your self am I a hero or am I a coward ??

 The Glorious Death of Napoleon    2007-06-25 18:18:00 ET
I'm fucking back my friends after a long time of nagging and trying to recover my password from the server and finally getting back I'm on and back filled with stories of glory and glorious failures but I wanted to let you all know and to spread the hate once again on the page most know for the fewest post and still being in your minds so its good to be back and look forward to hearing from you all.

 Weekend of lost visions    2006-03-20 11:55:54 ET
So what has happend, well friday went to bunker got piss drunk ran into everyone and well it was fun. Came home matt,cody, and the sean stayed over woke up made breakfaststarted a photo shoot for the club and a few other things around like 5 o clock or other time. Got done about 11 went down to a lame party where me Skot and Caressah hung out and got to know each other for a while. Then left and hung out at my house fought with beth on sunday vomited because I got a stomach flu and then fell alseep and did not go to chamber. What about all of you what everyone else do ??

 Tonight event !!    2005-12-07 08:02:40 ET

[ Opening night December 7th!!! ]

OC's Newest all industrial club!!

Featuring DJ's:
Rev John(Das Bunker)
Anti Matter(Electrocution/Apocalypse)

Special performances by:

Alter Der Ruine

[ and ]


God Module, Negatve Format, Parallel Project, System Syn, Fake + MORE
(shirts, posters signed CD's, buttons)

Upcoming Infirmary Events:
January 11th: Guest DJs VLRK of Grendel and Jasyn of God Module.
TBA February:-Mechanizms label night Artists TBA
March 22nd-Crunchpod Recording artists C/A/T


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