Weekend of lost visions
2006-03-20 11:55:54 ET

So what has happend, well friday went to bunker got piss drunk ran into everyone and well it was fun. Came home matt,cody, and the sean stayed over woke up made breakfaststarted a photo shoot for the club and a few other things around like 5 o clock or other time. Got done about 11 went down to a lame party where me Skot and Caressah hung out and got to know each other for a while. Then left and hung out at my house fought with beth on sunday vomited because I got a stomach flu and then fell alseep and did not go to chamber. What about all of you what everyone else do ??

2006-03-20 18:33:58 ET

Well since you asked;
Went to Bunker- spent most of the time kickin' it in that scantly populated retro room! - stayed sober, fell alseep on the drive home. Woke up at 11 and on a whim took myself of a drivng tour for the rest of the afternoon- while downtown I stopped at a red light and a very large black man made a great deal of hand gestures to try and get me to check his internet cafe, at least I assume it was his, maybe he just worked there, either way I kept driving.
Then I went home changed the oil on my car and passed out because I've contracted some kind of nauseating cold that gives me sinus headaches.
How's that for a sucessful weekend- sink.

2006-03-20 21:15:01 ET

i did a set build, went to rehearsal, hung out w/ the girl i like, & went to club 33 w/ my favourite bat/best friend.

2006-03-21 02:17:56 ET

i didnt do much over the weekend, actually. will be at bunker this friday, though

2006-03-21 22:36:23 ET

i think you should be awarded on merits how the weekend want so if you do better you know it rocked hahahah yet then where be comps for best weekends hahah and scale be all fucked up.

2006-03-23 05:42:17 ET


2006-03-23 06:23:49 ET

Went on a 20km bike ride, then got drunk at home.

2006-03-23 06:24:14 ET

I am cheating, that is what I do almost every day

2006-03-23 21:08:18 ET

yes well...............;P

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