Night at Marys    2004-04-30 22:44:19 ET
So the day was intresting because I ended up with my ex and her sister at show and tell. I was more of the show and tell because kids never seen a man in black knee highs and bondage pants. When I got home I ran into katrina and Lars and their friend Pam. Delightfulyl sinful she was ideas and ghoulish ideas. I enjoyed talking to her and she seemed to have more to say then "I'm goth and filled with stupid ideas of how to be a witch to people..." Seemed more like reasons. Anyway I went to a gay Islands called hameburger mary's, which was fun. So much good 80's music and I learned Robert Smith *swoon* had short hair at one point in his life. I was shocked and not like "oh my god!!" more like " dear fucking satan is that robert smith !!". I mean shit I've never seen him with out his long hair so yeah was like wow. Then came home to sleep. I hope I get the Job at biotherm. I really want it and need it. I'm trying hard to get some where. Gerixx or jerry, has been such a mentore. I love him hopefully i can go to duengeon tommarow and see him.

 Wasted into nothing    2004-04-29 23:38:48 ET
So tonight was a bust I wanted to go to perve tonight and have some fun. Turns out no go because some lame person had to get a ride to job tranning. I know it sounds like an ass but its not the first this has happend. Then a bunch of other shit happend. I mean, How the fuck do you flip a truck on the freeway ?? its straight lines not like your hopping over ramps or something. So with that going on we landed up in MAE's Cafe. No, not Mai's, MAE's a cheap knock off. Yet I had an extremly fun time with friends with anttics of jerking off kecthup bottles and teasing the lady taking our order. Also busting charlies chops. So all and all it was okay.

 Wonder the roads    2004-04-28 10:24:24 ET
So I have taken in two wounderful people Lars and Katrina. The stayed at my house last night because I had to sneak them in. My dad is being a morron as usual because he figures that all goths are depressed bitter people. I do, have resentment. I do hate my family to , I'm nice because they tend to be stupid and narrow minded. Fuck I hate people and my family. Well most of my family. Whatever...

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