Hell froze over    2004-06-02 22:10:20 ET
Macey's called me back today for a makeup counter Job !! oh my god yes !! wish me luck folks I need this job badly !!

 Sex, Drugs, and ....    2004-06-01 21:55:24 ET
The summer is really packed and tons of events here a few I'm going to if you like to join or go along post back so I can get a group going. One thing for the anime i nee d a group of ten to get a discount... anyway here is the list if your intrested messge back..
Anime Expo-45 july 2-5
Hootananny- 25 july 3 rd
Death in June 25.00 maybe june 24
Comic Con- 50.00 july 21-25
Skinny puppy- 27.50+ tax (5) july 4

P.S. If a photographer
I need trying to build portfolio so
messge me make a tie and do some work toghter.
Models wanted to

 Its 1:40 where are your skeletons ??    2004-05-31 23:41:42 ET

Tomb flowers will bloom
With new tales of random serenity
And the fabric of dreams
Will always exist.
Like a soul in action
From the kingdom
Of the white on white idols
Here dreaming in new gowns.
You'll hear the riddle of prayers calling
In the lurking lipstick scenes
And a young man held to a flexible God
And pretty girls who scream.
The lost and found
Will lay with their still love
And lift your echoing heart
In a private paradise of dreams
And an air that falls apart.

what are you doing ??


 Solo to the Cello..    2004-05-31 06:20:58 ET
Rasputina rocked so much last night !! They played a few cover songs and played mostly new stuff from their album. The new line up is good and I had a fun time last night. Weird thing as I was smoking and I got offered a job to do a costume design for one of the bands. I had to decline because I was not ready. I asked if they needed a makeup artist turns out they already had one. Dang it, I get offerd a good job and still not ready hahahahah. Anyway so yeah..today I'm not sure what I'm going to do proably get some supplies
1. Pick up tips
2. Get hair cut
3. Get dye and makeup
4. Pick up some ned reading material
5. get some yarn (for hair)
6. get some makeup
7. Buy patchs
8. Paint
9. clean room
Maybe stuff;
10. Get skinny puppy tickets
11. Finish painting mask

thats all for now till I think of something...

here is something if i had two dollars what would you buy ??

 Dripping the ice of the insides    2004-05-29 23:26:16 ET
So today I missed the Jap festival and have no money..I was so sad..then I wanted to get extension though. I'm going to do yarn and I need help. Any takers ?? buy lunch or treat out if you help. Besides that I got some material for clothing and need to get some makeup brush and some yarn tommarow. I watch the moon and watch as it shine through my aged skin...young is a word that seems farther and farther as I grow up. Yet my heart remains in the spirit. Movie worth watching because people die is the day after tommarow...people get frozen to death. Its so fucking great. Well I have to hop into bed. If anyone can help with the hair i thank you alot well ttyl bye !!

P.S. I love to dance at 3 am in my room and lose to the spirits controlling me hahah. I wanted to say also I may have an extra ticket to rasputina tonight looking for someone to join anyone up for that ?? welll ttyl bye.

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