Its 1:40 where are your skeletons ??
2004-05-31 23:41:42 ET

Tomb flowers will bloom
With new tales of random serenity
And the fabric of dreams
Will always exist.
Like a soul in action
From the kingdom
Of the white on white idols
Here dreaming in new gowns.
You'll hear the riddle of prayers calling
In the lurking lipstick scenes
And a young man held to a flexible God
And pretty girls who scream.
The lost and found
Will lay with their still love
And lift your echoing heart
In a private paradise of dreams
And an air that falls apart.

what are you doing ??

2004-06-01 00:38:46 ET

chasing penguins naked!

2004-06-01 03:19:45 ET

sparing myself from another tragic poem *stares at greek pottery while dying of tuberculosis*

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