Todai 4    2004-05-12 07:58:08 ET
Can you eat the seafood dynamite at Todai ?? I fucking couldn't, their waas so much mayo on that crap it made eating lard seem good. Yet all in all I loved Todai <3 I was in sushi heaven. Heheheheheheheheh. Yesterday was good because of Todai...sad part was I just ended up looking at shit for hours and hours and cleaned bathrooms. Same goes for today crapp agenda more work. Ugggggggghhhh sucks so fucking much right now I want to role over blahhhhhhh....I want money to buy stuff make things and get out there but I have nothing. Stupid Starbucks coffee, make me this fucker !!

Current Music- Death in June

 Rusted my heart black    2004-05-11 11:23:12 ET
So as an artist I feel very limited. Why because there is so much to be influenced by and check out I feel like I'm missing out. I mean, JTHM was out for so long and I did not get to reading it till Johen finished the series. I mean it's like I want to learn alot and be influenced by all that I love. But yet put my spin on it. So hard to keep up with stuff though. Like you intrested in one thing then something happens and your like wow I didn't know that. People do truly limit themselves and their creative side when they do shit. I mean its just hard as hell. Just so much wow...I hope people never just judge other on a person personally being with looks. I mean we all do but the inner person is the beauty.
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 Suggestion box    2004-05-10 01:04:42 ET
Okay, so I want to do something with my hair. Somethng fun and intresting style any suggestions ?? I got idea I just want some feed back. Also who is going to see skiny puppy and who wants to go ?? well besides that lets hear what you have to say.

 Arties cracked and darkend    2004-05-05 17:48:37 ET
Does it mean your a horriable person when your parent ask you that the thought of stabbing some one make you smile ?? and you respond with uggghhhhh....and think on the inside that yes but on the outside say no. I felt that way , I just fell so fucking feed up with people sometimes. My dad playing his John Wayne I kick ass character instead of hearing me out about shit. Sheena ruinning my day by making me feel like I did not get the job at BIOTHERM. I mean fuck the girl loved me and said she would totally pass the resume on to her boss. I mean you know when peopel lie and then you know when people don't because most people suck at it. The girl I talked to wasn't, she was to timid and if she trys to she knows she'll get caught. I mean my mom even pissedme off by saying if I was hiring for a postion I would not hire you !! What the fuck I feel like I got enemies every where even in my family !! If I'm so fucking bad how the fuck do I get hired and peopel are my friends !! Fuck I should of been in an art college witha good jobs and fallowing what I knew in my heart was right.Did wel lin school moved to LB go to college then work for makeup or entertainment bussiness one way or another. Murder is what I scream for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Desires of my soul    2004-05-04 21:37:47 ET
"Manhunt" is the best fucking game ever. So much doom and doomty doom in it that I was hooked on doing finishing moves on all hunters in the game. The game is basically what the title says. Yet you the hunted has special moves to slice stab and choke to death your victims. It's so wounderful I felt so alive and addicted teheheheh if you don't have this game you should.
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