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2004-05-10 01:04:42 ET

Okay, so I want to do something with my hair. Somethng fun and intresting style any suggestions ?? I got idea I just want some feed back. Also who is going to see skiny puppy and who wants to go ?? well besides that lets hear what you have to say.

2004-05-10 16:05:52 ET

two words

mo hawk

2004-05-23 08:12:24 ET

3 words

flock of seagulls

2004-05-23 16:37:27 ET

well yeah that too


5 words
flock of seagulls mo hawk?


2004-05-23 19:41:05 ET

ooooooh! i think thats the perfect hairstyle!

2004-05-23 20:37:07 ET


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