Todai 4
2004-05-12 07:58:08 ET

Can you eat the seafood dynamite at Todai ?? I fucking couldn't, their waas so much mayo on that crap it made eating lard seem good. Yet all in all I loved Todai <3 I was in sushi heaven. Heheheheheheheheh. Yesterday was good because of Todai...sad part was I just ended up looking at shit for hours and hours and cleaned bathrooms. Same goes for today crapp agenda more work. Ugggggggghhhh sucks so fucking much right now I want to role over blahhhhhhh....I want money to buy stuff make things and get out there but I have nothing. Stupid Starbucks coffee, make me this fucker !!

Current Music- Death in June

2004-05-12 08:03:51 ET

Where do you work, Duncan?

2004-05-12 12:00:15 ET

I work at for starbucks, its a alright place. I want to work at a makeup counter to get experince. I fucking hate it at starbucks. I hate food service ugghhhh..

2004-05-12 12:24:31 ET

You want to work at a makeup counter? Go apply for Mac! Or Sephora in Downtown Disney!

2004-05-12 20:57:34 ET

I tried at a few but you need experince. I need that I have little and need more work.

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