Rusted my heart black
2004-05-11 11:23:12 ET

So as an artist I feel very limited. Why because there is so much to be influenced by and check out I feel like I'm missing out. I mean, JTHM was out for so long and I did not get to reading it till Johen finished the series. I mean it's like I want to learn alot and be influenced by all that I love. But yet put my spin on it. So hard to keep up with stuff though. Like you intrested in one thing then something happens and your like wow I didn't know that. People do truly limit themselves and their creative side when they do shit. I mean its just hard as hell. Just so much wow...I hope people never just judge other on a person personally being with looks. I mean we all do but the inner person is the beauty.

2004-05-11 13:50:03 ET


and on an unrelated note: what you doin today, home pie?

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