Sex, Drugs, and ....
2004-06-01 21:55:24 ET

The summer is really packed and tons of events here a few I'm going to if you like to join or go along post back so I can get a group going. One thing for the anime i nee d a group of ten to get a discount... anyway here is the list if your intrested messge back..
Anime Expo-45 july 2-5
Hootananny- 25 july 3 rd
Death in June 25.00 maybe june 24
Comic Con- 50.00 july 21-25
Skinny puppy- 27.50+ tax (5) july 4

P.S. If a photographer
I need trying to build portfolio so
messge me make a tie and do some work toghter.
Models wanted to

2004-06-02 00:35:59 ET

you got a model and a photograher right here !

2004-06-02 07:03:42 ET

Excellnt, thank so much natasha so you will do it for me ??

2004-06-02 22:06:17 ET

sure :]

2004-06-03 12:28:14 ET

aww..thanks natasha *hugs* your the best sweetie

2004-06-04 21:42:27 ET

Do you play City of Heros by chance?

2004-06-05 00:02:38 ET

No I don't why do you ask ??

2004-06-05 06:02:55 ET

I just thought maybe you did based on the comic con part.

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