Dead Head    2005-07-08 02:04:00 ET
This week just feels like shit, I'm trying to keep a postive out look but its hard. I've been offered the advice of so many people and been depicted as a fake or trying to hard or drama. I can understand, I got thrown into a position to impress people and push thing onto others(trying to hard) talking out of my ass(fake) and drama (choosing sides and involving myself in others bussiness. I guess, I blur the line quite often,because I want to stick up for friends and what people do to them, yet is it the right choice because then I pick a side and involve myself. Or when people talk shit on me behinde my back and I think someone should stand up for me right ?? but what does that entail, chossing sides being mad at the other person or telling them its un cool ?? it seems when it happens like nobody cares and just let the person get away. Do they deserve to be punished or will they get whats they deserve ?? should you ever say something or be their for the other person ?? can someone offer some advice on this. I have a good idea, I just think I like to hear other output. Besides that dating does not seem to be going so hot. People I like seem to be in limbo lementing the ones they care. Which leaves me to question am I rebound ? I sorta feel numb.

 Dead AIR    2005-07-06 22:06:06 ET
listen to Nightmare Music tonight on 88.9 FM KUCI in irvine or at from 3-6 am pacific time (technically thursday)! playing the industrial, electronica and experimental of yesterday, today and tommorrow. tonight we will have special guest Duncan and Eric a.k.a Asphyxiation and Kruxx. talking. about stuff. woot!

 Trails of Death    2005-07-06 18:13:31 ET
Bats are still fluttering around the castle my deamons still plague me.Yet the reality of life is still in focous. I've got a passion, a black heart pumping with the darkest desire a lust for the dead then the livig. I've been renewed and back.

 You know...    2005-06-30 13:54:38 ET
How people run their mouth say shit and say thats how it is. Sorta, funny when the yare ass backwards and the person they should be telling something is their self. It gets to be funny because people act so stupid sometimes because everyone wants to be fucking right instead of take time to know this. This statment is not directed at anyone just generalized. Anyway whats everyone been up to I don't see comments anymore.
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 Long dusty road    2005-06-28 09:05:48 ET
SO its been a while since I posted been busy doing things and hangging out. Been doing alot of thinking hangging out sorta just busy. I wish I could go back to maschine I just need to work on some thoughts. But besides that I'm trying to deal with not being at maschine. It helps me apperciate the fact of the good memories and people I brougt fun to with the help of friends. Like Kruxx is vato joking, Dredd's asshole nice guy atttitude who basically makes him the badass with the heart of gold hahahha j/k, products humor who has always made me and everyone laugh after trying to make me squil like a piggy hahahahah. But I will be back to DJ once again adn do my thing. So I'm happy of that much and whats going ong. Right now I'm focousing on my music and art its nice to have time to do so. SO who is going to hocico ?? I'm going and trying to get a group of people going !! and how is everyone doing ??

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