You know...
2005-06-30 13:54:38 ET

How people run their mouth say shit and say thats how it is. Sorta, funny when the yare ass backwards and the person they should be telling something is their self. It gets to be funny because people act so stupid sometimes because everyone wants to be fucking right instead of take time to know this. This statment is not directed at anyone just generalized. Anyway whats everyone been up to I don't see comments anymore.

2005-08-27 06:32:57 ET

that is exactly why I am no longer involved with "the scene"
and all of you more recent posts, i could't agree with more.
people are shit, and most people in the scene are pretentious assholes. that is why I'm no longer dating a person in the scene and I havent been to bunker in about 6 months.
(on a lighter note)
I was planning on going soon though, gotta get my dance on.

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