Illusions of the Mind    2005-06-01 08:56:00 ET
A thought came, what if pain is only a thing of the mind wired to us and pain is nothing more then what we where told. What if we where told the pleasure was the razor across the skin or the suffering of the decades spent in agony from betrayal, fowl morals, and idealistic concepts give by our patriarchs are only what the make it. Controlled all by what we are told that everything should be, maybe the pain of breakup, lost love or facade worlds are only a concept made up by the laws of our mediocre human flaws.In retrospect the wiring of us could just be as jumbled as our concepts of life.

 Fashion Fab    2005-05-31 18:28:08 ET
So I'm excited I have an interview at lipservice friday !! I might be working for them. Sorta excited and like yes !! clothing company yes yes yes heheheh wish me luck !!

 Poundering thought of the dead    2005-05-31 09:03:02 ET
Reflections of ones owens idea are the ideas that build them or construct them. Yet when others worry about what other people think of them or feel left out. That its okay for one person to say they should not worry, when the other person is not the one being left out or not talked to?? or when they talk about others and make them the cast out. Yet when the tables are turned nobody is happy ?? vicious cycle, the best solution is to more I think not care what the others do with their money or their bullshit. That you should focous on your life and things will defintly take off....on a lighter note, I got a job and finally will have money for all tons of fun buying stuff going to islands event school !! its great. With time only the scars of the wicked will be barrin to give them strength.

 Deadgrade complete    2005-05-23 08:31:27 ET
So I'm in search for a few things, one if anyone is good at designing a website or any java/html and so on I would apperciate your help in trying to build two webpage. Second, I'm taking some designs for my new logo, my icon for being a DJ so if any of you have ideas or know anything and so on please direct me I like to see. Also how does the DJ name Asphyxiation does it sound dark twisted and harsh I like it but I don't know if it comes off sounding like a goth/indsutrial dj name or going for what I feel so on...

 Eppiccenter    2005-05-20 07:20:25 ET
As I hear this song the relivence astounds me by whats said in the lyrics. One of my most favorite song by V n V. Not because the beat (altough good) but the lyrics. The Dynamics,from the opening lyrics " I asked my self, was I content, with the world that I once chrerished, did it bring me to this darkend place, to contemplate, my perfectfuture, I will not stand nowhere two words against, this time of age, losing site of once and who I was again.." This line I always saw that it was about how we grow up as children that our views change. From being this happy and idealist world to a bitter cold harsh reality. " I can say that your losing me, I always try to keep myself tied to this world, but I know where this is leading, no tears, no sympathay (repeat 1x) but I must be that which I'am, but I know where this can take me, no tears for me, no sympathy.." In this part of the song I felt as we developed as children we lost the true site of our views and ourselves while growing up. To which we once knew ourselves to develope the part of us that is more realstic and not so naive, outlandish, and etc. Altough it is a painful process, we should learn to cope and deal area go the line " tears for me, no sympathy..." With all of those lines I could closely relate to the song. Making it one of my favorites and being abel to relate it to alot of who I'am and my personal dealing and issues. Yet when I talked to Ronin last night after saying you for stoping at maschine and having a good time he told me what it meant. That at the time he was going through a hard time (depressions, anger, and etc.) and that the song came to him one night. While he was sleeping he had a dream where he was in a boat, as he told us. That he saw his life as a boat and how each room had friends and events in his life. How they correlated to him and how it made him feel and see things. So in his dreams when he went to these rooms, that he felt very angry, very changed like he was not himself. That something was diffrent,he saw the world he cared about and how it changed. It became something that he did not expect a future diffrent then what he saw( idea for future perfect he said) so he exploded and wrote epiccenter( he said sounded wanky when he said it). Yet that we are the epiccenter, no matter what happens in our lives and what goes on. We are te epiccenter, we have the best seats in the house and view. Our view and thats what makes it the best part. Because nobody should be disapointed in their life or worry about others because in your epiccenter thats what truly the best thing happening. *tears* it was a moving moment for me. The man made such a dynamic dream into the symplistic song that speaks so many levels. For that Ronin is truly an amazing guy which I respect. It helped with alot of things I have been going through and made so much sense, so it was very comforting with his advice. Something humbling, and help me apperciate alot of the people I have and care for me. Because I have been a little out of it and distant and lost alot of perspective on things.

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