Confessions of a corpse    2005-05-05 12:29:16 ET
I feel like so much shit right now, my frined said something that really didn't bug me to know. It's just one of those hings that fuck with your head. Like he told me people think I try to hard and that I'm hurts and pisses me off because its not true. Yet Seems less and less people want to talk or hang out or invite me to places...or it could be I'm so busy but makes me feel like shit. Like is what I got to say not so intresting to hear ?? I think I have alot and specific ideas..but then again who wants to chat about corpse, funeral plots, serial killers, pihlosphy, world eco systme and what not.

 Dead can Dance    2005-05-02 14:12:10 ET
I'm very fotunate to maybe of got a job designing clothes again. I'm a little rusty but I think I will be producing once again with small things and branching out making other stuff to go with it and exdra excedra so we will see...besides that did you know pigs can have 30 mins orgams that so fucking rad.....also I will be hangging out with cheryl she so cool.

 Two stabs behinde    2005-05-02 07:59:28 ET
So I was going through the files of who will be playing this week and I found something very intresting. I found out that MSI and Psyclon 9 are now playing. This will be the best fucking show ever. Anyone going ??

 Dead Heads    2005-05-01 16:55:23 ET
So the recap of the weekend. So I was Djing friday at DOMcon. Sorta lame if I hadent run into some friends we hung out went to after shock. Was dead like a corpse. I went down to basement after words partied had fun. Talked to a friend of mine and had fun joking with them. Saturday hung out with the wounderful sola talked about life. went to impetavie reactions party. Got two double shots of gin with russian roullette hahahah and sorta after that got wasted. Hung out with my new good friend cherylie. She rock so much and me and her will be hangging out quite often . Now just sitting at home and relaxing. what everyone else do ??

 WHo's this ??    2005-04-29 11:17:26 ET
So i'm talking to psyclon 9 right now to book them at maschine. Wish me luck in booking them. Besides that the recep of the night was okay. I went to perv hung out with friend got drunk with the gang. Hung out with smash and sorta just mellowed out and forgot all my anger towards some people. I've been angry the last few days. Because a few peope said things and ran their mouth. I love how they will kiss your ass inperson but won't say it to you but your friend. Yet the friend does have balls to say it to you. Which makes them friends even though it stings. SO it was nice to get away and be around those who are comforting.

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