Two stabs behinde
2005-05-02 07:59:28 ET

So I was going through the files of who will be playing this week and I found something very intresting. I found out that MSI and Psyclon 9 are now playing. This will be the best fucking show ever. Anyone going ??

2005-05-02 08:22:54 ET

When you say MSI you do mean MindlessSelfIndulgence right?

2005-05-02 10:06:47 ET

Yes he does.

They're on Metropolis now, with Psyclon 9.

2005-05-06 16:29:28 ET

i really wish i coulda made it >_<
oh vell

2005-05-07 09:27:43 ET

still can they are tonight going to see them.

2005-05-07 15:42:54 ET

hmm...we'll see how im feeling...i caught some nasty sickness from wal-mart and its being a dirty bastard right now.

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