WHo's this ??
2005-04-29 11:17:26 ET

So i'm talking to psyclon 9 right now to book them at maschine. Wish me luck in booking them. Besides that the recep of the night was okay. I went to perv hung out with friend got drunk with the gang. Hung out with smash and sorta just mellowed out and forgot all my anger towards some people. I've been angry the last few days. Because a few peope said things and ran their mouth. I love how they will kiss your ass inperson but won't say it to you but your friend. Yet the friend does have balls to say it to you. Which makes them friends even though it stings. SO it was nice to get away and be around those who are comforting.

2005-04-29 13:30:56 ET

i hate the bastards and bitches that are twofaced like u mentioned. they'll get comeuppance. one day!

2005-05-01 16:57:22 ET

If I can get out there, I am so there.

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