Black Blood    2004-11-09 22:13:15 ET
I'm sorta disenchanted right now. i feel like crap cause me and sheena finally broke up broke up and it feels crappy. I don't know anymore whats going on with me want to be with her and sorta don't. Why the fuck does love hate us.

 My club !!    2004-11-06 14:49:46 ET
Tomorrow night will be the pre advertising for a club opening in OC. It will be at the Liquid Lounge in Huntington Beach. The door is free and it's 21+. Dj Dredd will be spinning from 8 to 10 old school industrial, deathrock, and ethereal. So come on down good people and crowd

 Black fairy wings    2004-10-29 01:24:28 ET
Tonight was magical, we went to perv meet tons of people talked up a storm jesses new friend acted like a bitch to me. Maybe I was not impressed enough with her to act like I cared hahah. Yet jesse always cool to me and we talk I danced and got my picture taken for the perv site OI ! and then meet Davet Havok he is super nice and cool weird dancer though hehehh well night all.

 Blood stained Smile    2004-10-28 10:28:47 ET
So so far things are going good I have not updated in a long ass time and have been so fucking busy its not even funny. I got a job working at hottopic for the time for some cash. I got an interview like wensday for MAC and I need a model for it. Then I have this club I'm opening right down from apperation which is a nice place. So I'm very busy and trying to keep up with the stuff thats going on and hoping I get the job at MAC scared. Also I need a model does anyone want to be my model I get to paint you all pretty like hahah.

 Lonely road ahead    2004-10-11 21:02:04 ET
I'm feeling very down and hurt, like I was just plucked from the depths of nothing and thrusted into more. I feel so lonely right now, like I'm very alone and it gets depressing. Fuck I want a gun to wash out thoughs who tease and pick on me and I feel crappy uggghh...

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