Dark Forest    2004-09-28 23:02:01 ET
Hawt be the word I keep thinking, I got new user pics better then this lame pink candel. I also got some stuff on ebay. I need more models for photo shoot anyone willing to help ?? well ttyl bye.

P.S. models for portfolio I'm doing well later.

 have you heard the processions lullaby    2004-09-27 21:03:18 ET
Hear the drums, for they clangy to a beat unheard.
Winters demise has given a rise to a new season.
A season drapped in peedels of darkness and forgoten death hymns.
Falling over the crowd like the tears that god has wheeped for years for his mistake.
Given life we rise to chain ourself to our demise and lived out thoughts.
We may beat our drum but only to be drowend out by others.
When will these names not be forgotton and carved to the slad that will give us life after death.
Yet another child will wheep for those passed and wounder will he be the next in line.
For the vampires touch may not be present it's felt on the soft skin of our minds.
We are yet puppets to a new song played in our life and so soft can you hear the hyms of those like you.
Dead will rise to show us the way and we will fallow.
To love is the pain and hurt and paved with good inttentions yet it will lead us to the gates of hell.
So stop and listen cause the suffering of the dead is not to be feared but the living.

 Dying my insides blue    2004-09-27 17:20:33 ET
So things have been really shitty lately. I've just about to lose a job to a coke head and his stupid threats. I'm feleing lonely and I wish I just had someone to hug

 Rotten rose and memory loss    2004-09-16 12:17:44 ET
So whats the fucking deal, lately I've just been blah about writting on here. I get the feeling reads shit or atleast comments cause of some fucking reason. Does anyone actually read this shit ?? well it's not shit but does anyone ??' well anyway natsha will be doing my hair sunday and I'm broken up with sheena. I care about her and love her but as a friend. She has made the finally decision to stay and be friends with Luise. Of course that fuck head if nobodies friend. I hate drama, it's so fucking retarted. Why can't people wise up and realize things then tuck away under money and lies *shigh* so goes life. Well I get payed soon and will be going out soon so hopefully things go way better. I want to start a anybody know of any good sites ?? bye.

 Location finder (look now sex is here)    2004-09-07 16:40:34 ET
Okay, I'm looking for clothing stores that carry gothic,fetish,cyber,punk, and rivet stuff, vintage to. Anyone got any suggestion from huntington beach all the way to LA and in la and around any good place to shop ?
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