electrifying personality    2004-09-01 22:38:49 ET
I think I spelt it wrong but here goes. I was at work and my boss brought a tazer in from the stock room. Dang those fetish people. So anyway I was working he said to try it out and thaat it vibrates. I was like really ?? he was like yeah its a pleasure toy. So I thought don't do it but I decided to go with it. I tazed my leg and screamed so loud the rest of the staff came running out. The secratary was like who got tazed ?? I raised my hand everyone laughed. My boss was like your crazy. The secratary said your brave. My boss said no just insane. Hahahah can you top that ?? being tazed ?? hurt like hell but it was funny nobody got hurt just shocked. hahah

 sex, love and fucking    2004-08-31 18:02:08 ET
I got a badass job, I work with bondage all around me and get paid well to do it. ALl you jealous I thought so hahaha tons of corsets and toys having fun you all heheh.

 Thoughts of the black Rose    2004-08-24 18:04:20 ET
Suffering from the thorns in my side, atears drop from the eye. soiling the ground and where a child lie. Given only what the world had to offer the child cried. Why do I feel this way ?? confused and scared miserabel with out no care. Born to bastard and as a son god guide him with ever giving light. Dear child do not cry for the demons will not hide. Mommy Daddy care for me because I'm lost beneath the sheets. Misery and pain have stricken my sickely heart and I'm lost with out you. Only to be muffeled in more totures of the mind a childed died. Giving birth to a man so cold that his exterior could not hide.

 Fractured light    2004-08-22 00:05:13 ET
Day breaks on the window outside. I can't open my eye cause I'm shutting it all out. For all the day has brought to me is another day. One to suffer under the harshing lights. To feel the pain that comes into site. I may not know what the day may bring but I let my self colapse to sustain my ghoulish fright. Coverned in darkness from out side all the errors scury to hide. For the light may show your only flaw but the darkness hides the hidious claud. Addiction ain't so bad in the darkness of the night. Terrors and fears go out with light. Just adjust the needel to my arm my heartbroken soul draws close to concern. Blackend flowers spread my bed of deathly keep but the frozen feelings has my soul to keep. Ghost my scrambel to the celling to watch you cry. Just know inside I die die die.

 Bar none    2004-08-15 10:40:37 ET
Ferns and the Red room with a little doll hut made a night pretty magical with my gf (sheena love of my life). So I slow danced to a with her. Had myself a huge beer at the red room. Held her hand in the dim lights of long beach and we made the kiss seem like it lasted long enough to till the winter came and washed over us or the end was near. I love her <3

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