German Death March    2004-08-10 19:10:38 ET
I got a nice german black medical bag it rocks so hardcore. Besides that I'm selling some stuff any one be intrested in it ?? item are

Nintendo 8 games and all controllers= $40 bucks
Manhunt for PC= 20$ bucks
and Pair of knee high boots 4 inch to 6 inch platforms= $ 20 bucks.

 Kitten    2004-08-09 22:44:43 ET
I got a cat named Kleo its so fucking cute. Tuxedo cat its lovely pretty eyes to. She is sitting right now on the edge of my bed starring I love her <3

 Knives to know you    2004-08-08 22:01:54 ET
............................. well its pretty lazy sunday.....sat around with family watched movies. Saw "the secratary" which was intresting. Ended up going to Hottopic and use a gift card I got and discount to buy 3 new shirts. I was so excited when I found my JTHM shirt oooohhhh....I creamed my pants true story. Now I just need find a pool to swim in and feel less hot then I'am now.

 Its raining faster then I can breath    2004-08-07 22:12:36 ET
<form action='' method='POST'><th colspan=2 bgcolor='#000000'>Which cult classic badass are you? by rook901</th><input type='hidden' name='un' value='rook901'><input type='hidden' name='meme' value='1074676556'></form>
Name/Username<input type='text' name='Name/Username' value='entomed_heart' size='20'>
Sex<select name='Sex'><option SELECTED>Yes<option>No<option>Undecided</select>
Favorite Eating Utensil<input type='text' name='Favorite Eating Utensil' value='sporks' size='20'>
You are:
<input type='submit' value='Fill Out Your Answers and Try it!'>
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Sorta blah right now...I feel like blah..someone cheer me up.

 Toxic People    2004-08-04 00:15:02 ET
I'm one of them !! I smoke to much. The cigarettes have taken me and made me it's bitch !! But they are nice but then again its killing me. Where is Mr. Bannas ??

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