Far off place    2004-07-17 08:46:15 ET
Scarmento, youp I'm here visting my best friend Armondo. Let the fun start the whole day will be so cool. I can't wait till he shows me around. Life is just starting. I'm happy with it and hopefull things go well and I'm starting to feel better aboutlife !! whoo hoo lets do this heheheh

 Dreams could last and I would be happy only with her    2004-07-15 16:09:52 ET
I still yearn for her touch and her love. The thing we may fight about but the distance has sent me into a spell. Which I wish to wake but feel only the need to quake. I need some light from the moon to show me the way of the guiding light. The spell that holds me tight but to awaken from this nightmare groes. I wish to awake to her kiss and live in bliss but she is gone and I need something to hold on to. For falling left me here and a heart crying the words you felt through each beat against your naked skin. The words that you mutted ever day and in which I grew to dsiplay. Yet it could ring late and I could fall to fate. Pick up the phone and let me hear your voice because it grows cold.

 Just dust in the sun    2004-07-12 05:16:48 ET
It's been a while that I've written any thing. Yet here is whats going on. I was abel to barter with a tattoo shop for free tats. I was so excited we came to a deal. Besides that I won't be clubbing for the next twos. Sucks but its not the end of the world. While I was dead and out what was everyone else doing ??

 fiends allowed to go out    2004-07-04 17:11:28 ET
So whos going to skinny puppy tonight !! I'am whoo hoo

 Grave is over flowwing    2004-07-03 00:42:21 ET
So I may be moving to virgina. Sheenas dad got transferd and I hate to lose my love on my life. She wounderful and do anything. So I'am asking anyone if they could help by finding job, people they know could let me stay to get setup and so on because I love this girl and do anything for her. So If you could I be thank ful and pay you back well ttyl bye.

P.S. I won hootananny tickets from KROQ and got new cds. Bunker was cool. To bad not to manny people showed up.

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