Question    2004-06-20 12:09:42 ET
How would you like to die ??

 Touching the enternal darkness (part 2)    2004-06-19 07:23:18 ET
So after getting my hair cut, I went with Rose, Luise, and Sheena to a party. (note: Sorry, charlie for not calling or picking you up. It totally slipped my mind and I felt bad. I didn't just forget you I also forgot Valerie). We got there and before anything all these people started calling our names welcoming us. We started the night with flamming Dr. Pepper then after that I got fed to many hard beverages. I danced with Sheena and meet cool new people. It was not bunker but it was a good time had. I so wanted to go to bunker. Maybe today I will go to dungeon.
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 Touching the enternal darkness    2004-06-18 13:50:34 ET
I went to work got off *pay day !!* then went with luis to get lunch at a local sushi bar yum ! california roll. Then after I went shopping at mainplace mall. Got home got a messge on cell phone. I didn't get the job at benfits, I got this fucking lame excusse by this faggot name Oscar. Hater of Women and nothing that is gay. Calls me up leaves me a messge saying " hello Duncan, this is oscar I'm calling to say that we are going to keep on looking for the right person...." about there is where I just wanted to kill someone. Everyone is riding my last never. I'm trying so fucking hard and getting shit. HopefullyI can get fully plasterd and forget about all this bullshit and get another job. Wish I was some rich kid who got tons of shit from my parents and was in some fance high school to get hooked up with job at MAC. Shit, people get so much shit handed to them ugghhh and I have to work for it fuck !!

 Ghost mansion    2004-06-15 23:50:20 ET
So does anyone even read my journal ?

 Digitizing the dead    2004-06-15 00:28:45 ET
I got a brand new digital camera !! it's not the fucking best but its fucking works !! and it can record shit yes !!

Q: If you could die how would you ??

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