2004-06-20 12:09:42 ET

How would you like to die ??

2004-06-20 12:28:28 ET

i would like to die painlessly...preferably having my loves face being the last thing i see

question for you...

how would you like to go, and after you are gone, would you rather be completely forgotten or hatefully remembered?

2004-06-20 12:48:18 ET

quick and painless...

2004-06-20 13:13:21 ET

I would like to die a martyr.

but I probably won't. So I'd want to go painlessly. I'd like it to be a relgious experience as well.

I have heard of people that have known that it's time and have been able to just "shut off". To let go. That would be the best way to go me thinks.

2004-06-20 14:09:44 ET

spontaneous human combustion.

2004-06-20 14:11:41 ET

lmao hell yeah

2004-06-20 14:14:31 ET

getting run over by the oscar meyer weenie mobile comes in a close second, though.

2004-06-20 14:16:45 ET

I want to be very very old and seemingly healthy, at home and in my bed in the morning, painlessly...preferablely able to roll over and tell my love i'm going...
i watch alot of movies

2004-06-20 21:35:42 ET

I like the oscar meyer idea, but a clown car be a good idea to....oohh one of those shriners cars that be hot heheheh

2004-06-20 21:42:42 ET

i dunno

ill say something lame like while listening to suicide commando's 'neurosuspension'


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