Touching the enternal darkness (part 2)
2004-06-19 07:23:18 ET

So after getting my hair cut, I went with Rose, Luise, and Sheena to a party. (note: Sorry, charlie for not calling or picking you up. It totally slipped my mind and I felt bad. I didn't just forget you I also forgot Valerie). We got there and before anything all these people started calling our names welcoming us. We started the night with flamming Dr. Pepper then after that I got fed to many hard beverages. I danced with Sheena and meet cool new people. It was not bunker but it was a good time had. I so wanted to go to bunker. Maybe today I will go to dungeon.

2004-06-19 08:22:25 ET

Hi..I've never commented here before, so I thought I'd say a quick hello.

And I've been wondering how to make flaming dr peppers, how do you do it??

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