Bar none
2004-08-15 10:40:37 ET

Ferns and the Red room with a little doll hut made a night pretty magical with my gf (sheena love of my life). So I slow danced to a with her. Had myself a huge beer at the red room. Held her hand in the dim lights of long beach and we made the kiss seem like it lasted long enough to till the winter came and washed over us or the end was near. I love her <3

2004-08-15 13:44:11 ET

i live right down the street from there.

2004-08-15 21:14:02 ET

dang, you should of come with us. I don't have your number !! we should go hang

2004-08-16 13:09:41 ET

welli did not know youwere there

2004-08-16 15:38:06 ET

I know, well maybe I will be so some how I will be abel to get a hold of you.

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