Dark Forest
2004-09-28 23:02:01 ET

Hawt be the word I keep thinking, I got new user pics better then this lame pink candel. I also got some stuff on ebay. I need more models for photo shoot anyone willing to help ?? well ttyl bye.

P.S. models for portfolio I'm doing well later.

2004-09-28 23:03:06 ET

well if i was closer... i would model all you wanted ;-)

2004-09-29 16:34:29 ET

hummmm..such a tempting offer heheheh

2004-09-29 16:35:14 ET

well if you wanna come cross country... the offer is open ;-)

2004-10-11 22:12:31 ET

and what kinda of modeling ?

2004-10-12 09:20:00 ET

teddy bear fetish sorta stuff

2004-10-12 10:37:29 ET

uhm... that sounds quite entertainer

2004-10-12 11:17:18 ET

and fascinating....

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