Lonely road ahead
2004-10-11 21:02:04 ET

I'm feeling very down and hurt, like I was just plucked from the depths of nothing and thrusted into more. I feel so lonely right now, like I'm very alone and it gets depressing. Fuck I want a gun to wash out thoughs who tease and pick on me and I feel crappy uggghh...

2004-10-11 21:11:50 ET

Hmmmmm... I kinda feel the same but I'm not quite at that point where I want to start shooting people.

2004-10-11 21:14:42 ET

Oh now, dear.. don't go all Columbine on us.. You're awesome... as soon as you recognize it, everyone else will too! =)

2004-10-11 22:21:22 ET

yeah, people suck. but you own. so keep ya chin up

2004-10-12 09:21:35 ET

It's not going that far I have more respect for myself and loved one. Hey iron arent you living down the street from me now ?? hahah well ttyol bye.

2004-10-12 11:39:05 ET

try talking with some friends..it always helps me to talk it out.

2004-10-13 16:21:21 ET

What friends all them are far away and I sorta feel blah.

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