My club !!
2004-11-06 14:49:46 ET

Tomorrow night will be the pre advertising for a club opening in OC. It will be at the Liquid Lounge in Huntington Beach. The door is free and it's 21+. Dj Dredd will be spinning from 8 to 10 old school industrial, deathrock, and ethereal. So come on down good people and crowd

2004-11-06 17:34:10 ET

wish i could be there!

2004-11-07 10:25:33 ET

wow, someone actaully reads this damn thing hahahah.

2004-11-07 17:22:50 ET

lol... oh pshaw ;-P

of course i do

im just not online too much lately or generally very talkative

that and sk has just seemed rather dead lately...methinks it'll pick back up soon enough though

2004-11-08 16:38:23 ET

yeah, I have to agree

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