Illusions of the Mind
2005-06-01 08:56:00 ET

A thought came, what if pain is only a thing of the mind wired to us and pain is nothing more then what we where told. What if we where told the pleasure was the razor across the skin or the suffering of the decades spent in agony from betrayal, fowl morals, and idealistic concepts give by our patriarchs are only what the make it. Controlled all by what we are told that everything should be, maybe the pain of breakup, lost love or facade worlds are only a concept made up by the laws of our mediocre human flaws.In retrospect the wiring of us could just be as jumbled as our concepts of life.

2005-06-01 09:19:06 ET

Physiologically...nerve endings and sodium ions are to blame. You can stop sodium ions from telling your brain you're in pain by morphine/anesthetics.

Otherwise emotional pain, I guess you might be right.

2005-06-01 12:36:03 ET

which would technically still be mind... but of course not a very controlled state
but emotionally i do believe we have more control over our emotions then we give ourselves credit for...
but then again i have no facts to prove such a thing...

2005-06-01 17:11:07 ET

For what we really have no answer are to what cause the reactions to what make the smallest fraction change. We sit in a world a state of Kaos an idea given to us is only as ficticious as anything we are given.

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