2004-06-10 13:53:55 ET

Allo! Just thought I would add a quick entry. Last night I went to see Kansas at the HOB in Anaheim with the 'rents. The show was fabulous, as it always is, I mean, come on, it's Kansas, they are one of the greatest live bands ever, anyone who has seen them knows I speak the truth. Lol, most people here probably do not even know who they are but that is okay. And than today was nice, I got to sleep in, than I received my brand new pvc coffin purse in the mail, and I decided to clean and rearrange my bedroom and I actually enjoyed it. Isn't that weird how sometimes you just get into the moods where you find pleasure in cleaning? I get worried when I actually want to do the dishes, I must be experiencing some inner turmoil and how I act out is by cleaning feverishly. I met the new manager at work, for a brief moment, from that short exchange, she seemed nice enough, but we shall see I suppose. The new assistant manager is rather pleasant, she enjoys the same type of music as I do, and even goes to clubs, mostly Bar Sinister though. So, that is at least one positive thing. I work four straight days this weekend, yea, I am pleased though, I could use the hours since I need to save up my money for FL, I had my last plurge, spending $160 on a new outfit that I plan to wear to KMFDM if it gets here in time, it had better! ::Shakes fist in threatening manner:: I bought it off XtraX, a German gothic clothing site which has wonderful clothing, such a wide selection! Well, I shall leave it at this for the time being, ta for now!

2004-06-10 18:29:07 ET

i get paid for cleaning! i own. :-D

and hmm...damn you for seeing kansas without me! <shakes fist>
i bet they rocked hardcore.


2004-06-10 21:23:47 ET

I also find strange when I'm in the mood for cleaning, yet... I fell more into cleaning when somehting isn't mine, or I'm in a diferent place.

2004-06-11 18:35:58 ET

Turbo: Heh, lucky bastard! Indeed they did, they were uber hardcore! ~_^
Malkavian: Really, I would be a bit intimidated to clean a strange place, it is probably something psychological, you have a certain measure of comfort around something you know.

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