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2004-06-17 11:27:00 ET

Hmm, last night I happened to be watching the Discovery Channel, as I seem to take great pleasure in watching educational or at least enlightening television, as opposed to "American Idol" or some other reality tv garbage. I am so glad I have absolutely no interest in watching programs like that, I was spared the further destruction of brain cells by "popular" television. On came a truly thought provoking program about Nostradamus, a skeptical inquiry into his supposed prophetic abilities. Needless to say, I was quite enthralled, well, into I began to drift back to the novel I was reading, the original Bram Stoker classic, Dracula. Lol, watching Discovery and reading, yes, I am a geek, I know this. I also know that I have the attention span of a three year old child suffering from ADD. Moving on, I came to my own opinions concerning Nostradamus. I am more skeptcial than spiritual, anyone who knows me personally is well aware of this, so of course, I took that stance when watching this program. And though I was intrigued by what I saw, nothing on the program made me change my mind, or even alter my thinking in the least bit. I am of the opinion that Nostradamus' writings are purposely vague, to be open to interpretation by the reader, if they wish to interpret his works as possible visions of the future, than they are free to do so, I certainly will not criticize them for it, except for the fact that the level of their naivety should be at least questioned. I, however, am not willing to do so, there are so many spiritual crooks out there, willing to exploit the ignorance of the populace in order to make money, or simply to prove a point. Example, after 9/11, a rumor was spread over the internet that Nostradamus had predicted the horrors of 9/11 several centuries before it happened, in a chilling quatrain who's wording I do not exactly remember. People, looking for answers, ate it up, only to find out a bit later that the prophecy was in fact a well designed hoax, using actual parts of Nostradamus quatrains. I must say, though the timing was probably inappropriate, the brilliance of the prank was impressive indeed, no one can challenge that. On the program, I heard that the supposed prepretrator was the leader of a society of skeptics, simply out to prove how gullible people are, and silly it was to put so much store into the words of a long dead 16th century astrologer. I think that is a tad cruel, so it was probably just some bored internet punk, looking to amuse him or herself at a chaotic time, and it was one of those pranks that does not really harm anyone and hey, it did give people something to talk about right? So, it cannot be all bad, or maybe that just says something about me. Being an Atheist, I tend to have an arrogant view of those who put too much faith into something that seems so ridiculous, I have a smug, almost superior attitude toward those people and I suppose there is that centurys old argument about which is more difficult, believing or not believing. Though, as always, I try to keep an open mind about people and their beliefs, even if they do not afford me the same, I do not need to sink down to their level, though at times, it could be so easy to degrade myself like that. Lol, I do digress at times, if I have bored you, my apologies, it was not intentional. Heh, this is probably why I get so few comments, no one wants to sit and read through my entries! Bonus points to anyone who can tell me what movie the title of this post came from, I would give you a hint but than it would be too easy. Your prize will be my respect....no, I don't have a better prize! ::Eyebrow twitches:: Oh, and guess who is going to see KMFDM on Tuesday, yep, that's right, you may envy me when ready. I do need a new outfit though, sigh, I have lots of clothes but it's me, I can always have more, even if my closet is saying right now, "Oh no, no, no, that's not happy!" Heh, as if I listen!^_^, And on a side note, is anyone on here going to see KMFDM on Tuesday, I need someone to hang out with, you don't want me to be all alone and forlorn do you? ::Looks all sad:: ,>_<,

2004-06-17 13:21:05 ET

not sure what movie that's from ;-P

and i wanna see kmfdm! <tear>

and also: innnnnnteresting ;-D

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