KMFDM Rocks!
2004-06-24 11:42:41 ET

Here is a rundown of my day on Tuesday: For starters, I woke up before ten in the morning, which is something I rarely do anymore, ah, I remember the days where I would wake up early, fresh and cheerful...okay, that never really happened, happy now? Anyways, I had a great reason for getting up so early, I had to buy a new outift for the show, yes, rather last minute I admit but hey, I procrastinate something fierce, anyone who knows me is aware of that. My friend Jeff who was also accompanying me to the show so I would not have to go alone, got his friend to take me to Ipso Facto, I was quite appreciative. I did find an appropriate outfit, I bought this spifftastic military type dress/shirt/coat, yes, it could be any one of those things because of the way it is made, it was made by Funhouse, I adore it. I ended up spending over $100 there on that, a new pvc o-ring collar, and two magazines, the new Gothic Beauty and an issuse of Industrial Nation, it had Al Jourgenson from Ministry in it! Than we went to Electric Chair and Catwalk to check on some other things I required, a few things for my Rosiel cosplay, alas, I could not find what I wanted, three places and no luck! We were out till about four in the afternoon, and the show started at 7:00pm! It was not a problem though, we made it in plenty of time, in fact, the show did not even start till eight. Now here comes the fun part of the post, the opening bands. In a word, they were horrendous, I mean, is this the best KMFDM could do?? I mean, these opening acts were Babyland opening bands bad, Mr. Turbo knows what I am talking about! It must have been on short notice, maybe they pinned the names of a bunch of local bands on a board and threw darts at them. The first band was a local product called Full Frequency, well, to be honest, they weren't horrible, they just weren't interesting, or different, nothing made them stand out, I could not see them ever gaining a following outside of the local scene, just no personality. The next opening act was called Black Japan, once again, maybe I was a bit overly critical earlier, for what they were, they were not terrible, they were ambient noize, I suppose they just were not KMFDM, that was the main problem, no one saw the show advertised and said, "Wow, Black Japan is playing, keen gear!" Everyone was there to see KMFDM, end of story. So, you can only imagine the excitement of the crowd when they finally came on, around ten! A side note, unfortunately, the whole band was not there, Mr. Pig aka Raymond Watts, was not present, I was a bit disappointed by that, they were still awesome, but they would have been even better with him, ah well. The show was fabulous, not as good as the show in November that had Bile opening and Raymond Watts, but still pretty bloody grand. They played for about an hour and a half, not as long as they played last year, but everyone was revved up the entire time, they even had a small pit going though the HOB people said no pits, no stage diving, ect but I think those are more of a set of guidelines than actual rules. The best part was my seat, I had bought the cheapest tickets they had, standing room only, and by the middle point of the show, I had gotten in the will call area which had a fantastic view of the stage, this guy I met just that night got me in after he charmed the security lady into letting him in. Heh, than Jeff just went up to her, said he was with me, and got in as well. Yes, security was rather apathetic, which was swell for us, we got killer seats! Jeff was very excited after the show, this was his first industrial show and he loved it, ah, converting another lost soul, ah, I love being me sometimes. Than my friend Jason took me home so I did not have to take a taxi. He also invited me to go to Perversions tonight, which is permanantly back at the Ruby now, yea! I am still undecided on that right now, I shall make up my mind later. Well, that is all, I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had writing it. Rock on dolls! ~_^

2004-06-24 11:46:40 ET

I can hardly read anything on your page. Maybe I forgot my Vampyrum spectrum (tropical American false vampire) eyes at home. Could you possibly go with grey or is Nocturnal the only one in the house?

2004-06-24 11:49:37 ET

youuuuu suck ;-P

2004-06-24 11:58:18 ET

Zunifetizdoll: Hmm, is that so, well, I have never received any complaints about the design of my page before this day, I apologize for your inability to read my post, believe me, you are not missing out on something profound. And technically, my background is a shade of gray. ^_^
Turbo: Ha, I do not suck, vampires suck, I...well, hmm, I do not know what I do.

2004-06-24 12:01:01 ET


2004-06-24 12:49:56 ET

Heh, I suppose that would depend on what kind of absorbtion we are talking about.

2004-06-24 14:42:26 ET


you absorb buffalo cum!

(i have no idea)

2004-06-24 16:18:27 ET

Lol, you are a naughty boy! While I do have my fair share of fetishes, that's not one of them. :P

2004-06-24 16:45:35 ET


but but but...its so sexy!!!

2004-06-26 19:30:41 ET

I think that she would prefer to absorb the site of two young asian boys maybe...

2004-06-26 20:56:52 ET

well yeah that too.


2004-06-27 10:26:13 ET

Lol, hmm,, nevermind, this is going nowhere good rather quickly! ^ ^

2004-06-27 13:32:35 ET

you want teh asian boys! admit it! ;-P

2004-06-28 12:00:37 ET

Heh, okay, okay, I admit it, I have a fetish for pretty asian goth boys, there, are you happy now?! :P

2004-06-28 13:56:37 ET



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