Odds and Ends
2004-07-03 18:22:00 ET

Argh, I am so exhausted, both physically and mentally. I will be working five straight days before I get Tuesday off which is fortunate since I need it to run some last minute errands, sigh, me and my procrastinating. Tomorrow will be day Four of five, well, at least there is something to look forward to, getting to see my first Skinny Puppy show later in the evening, huzzah, I actually have something to do on the 4th for once! Though I am debating what to wear, I am thinking something vinyl, since the show does not even start till 9:00pm. Actually, I was also invited to a b-day party, yes, on the 4th no less, but I had to decline the invitation, though it was attractive.
Feh, I am all sore as well, since lately, I have been on an insane weight loss program, I mean, watching everything I eat, drinking glass after glass of water, lifting weights and actually working out, which is why I am so sore since I am not used to it. Heh, some people are really surprised by this, since to them, I seem thin, they are silly, I am many things, most of them being negative, and thin is not one of them. I look good, I suppose, but I can always look better. Sometimes I wish I was not so concerned about my physical appearance, I would probably be much happier. Ah well, I am shallow, just like every other individual on this planet, and at least I do not keep some psuedo ridiculous notion that I could care less how I look, if you have ever looked in a mirror before, you care, end of story.
On a lighter note, work was amusing if nothing else today. For one, I received a cute lil skull pin, the skull had a top hat with a one on it, celebrating my first full year working at Hot Topic....they have wasted a year of my life and I want it back....oh well, I would only waste it anyways. Than, later on, when the phone rang, I rushed to answer it, saying "I got it!" and the second I get there, one of the other girls answers. So me, being my clever self, got a piece of register tape and wrote the word "Bitch" since we are not permitted to curse on the selling floor and showed it to her. Ha, I am so adept at finding loopholes, and she was actually quite amused. I also discovered that my germ paranoia is getting a bit out of hand, the new store manager was complaining of feeling ill and I would not get around her and if she got around me, I would tense up, and I used our antibacterial lotion at least a dozen times today! I swear, in a few years, I am going to be one of those poor people suffering from OCD, washing my hands constantly, till they bleed. This is my future, I just know it. And for some reason, I am amused by that thought. ~_^
I also decided to change my journal background and my user image, cute isn't it, it's Divine Decay, I made my own icon on this website, lol, I have to explain some of it. For one, I could not find an appropriate eye color, so I went with green. My eyes are really strange, they are like half blue and half green, I kid you not. And I just decided to add the little ki detector for cyber charm, you know, they wear them on DBZ to gauge the strength of their opponents. And I decided to go with the black brick background, because it is so uber rivet! Lol, sorry, that was an ode to my friend Lars or TurboSkanker as he is known online, that is the way we poke fun at some of the people in our scene that take themselves way too seriously.:P Well, this is all for now, if I can fit one more update into my busy schedule, I shall do so, perhaps at least to tell you how the show was.

2004-07-03 18:42:59 ET

:-D huzzah i got a mention! <3

and dude im so jealous you're getting to see the puppy <le pout>
but im wearin my skinny puppy t-shirt and wishing i was there!
i heard their show last night was awesome so you should be in for a treat...

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