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2004-07-15 22:36:06 ET

Allo all. Yes, I am back, returned from my short respite in FL. Luci and Lux were fabulous hosts, as always, I love you dolls!<3 I had a great deal of fun while I was there, shopping and hanging out with Luci and Lux. The weather was atrocious, as anyone from FL can tell you, coming back to CA, the temperature felt almost cool, in the middle of July! I am sad now, for I know not when I shall be seeing the two of them again, hopefully sooner rather than later, perhaps if we are still living here when they come to visit in October. Metrocon was great even though it was not a particularly large con, it was lovely walking around on Friday and Saturday in our group cosplays, Angel Sanctuary and Castlevania: SOTN. If you wish to see some pictures of said cosplays, please check out these two links, in the Angel Sanctuary Group, I am Rosiel, in the Castlevania group, I am Maria Renard.
I enjoyed being Rosiel so much that I want to do all his cosplays now! Hell, I even want to learn how to sew and I never thought that would happen! Plus, I am suddenly interested in learning how to make my own wings, rather than having to spend ridiculous amounts of money on purchasing them or having them made. And last night I was looking for colored contact lenses for my Myoubi cosplay since her eyes are red and I want the cosplay to be as authentic as possible. One site I looked on, while searching BatGear Beyond, had gorgeous colored lenses, though all of their red pairs were $200! ::Faints:: The contact lenses would cost more than the entire cosplay! Argh, must catch my breath, this must be what they mean by sticker shock. The only thing that gives me even the slightest relief is that I could use them for future Myoubi cosplays and my future Alucard cosplay. I bought three foam heads today, for my two hats and my Rosiel wig, which I am planning on selling soon, I am going to buy a higher quality wig for future Rosiel cosplays. I am also selling one of my pvc hats, the one I decided not to use for my Rosiel cosplay and thusly have no use for. I have quite a few items that I must photograph and put up for auction over the next few weeks.
Now I am back to my daily grind which I suppose, could be worse. I went back to work today, and they went and changed the entire store around on me, bastards, I loathe anything that makes me feel ignorant in any way! Plus, I am working the whole weekend, heh, they are desperate for associates who have sufficient experience, since we have since hired five new victims, err, employees. Alright, a whole new crop of people for me to dislike. Ha, I am just joking, I generally do not even waste my valuable, finite energy on hate, when indifference is so much simpler. We also fired one of our few senior employees, sad when a senior employee has only been working there for three months! It matters not for no one will miss him, he was simply awful, I am sure they were just reaching for an excuse to fire him. I do not care either way, I never even had a conversation with the guy. Is that bad, never having even spoken more than a half dozen words to someone you worked with for over three months? Or is it just me? Ah well, I suppose it does not matter now. Though now I am having issues again with work, since I am now getting shit hours because of this new influx of associates, but I see little point in quitting and pursuing other oppurtunities since I shall be moving in a few months anyways. Sigh, there always seems to be some sort of drama in my life, despite my intense dislike of aforementioned drama. As I am rather tired, I shall leave it at this for the moment.

Modern Satanist
Thinking yourself to be a god, realizing Indulgence as your main goal, not believing in a literal Satan, and counting stupidity as your highest sin. You are a proud LaVeyan Satanist! You might enjoy if you're not already a member.
Hmm, odd, I would have expected to get Atheist, but surprisingly enough, this sounds rather like me.

2004-07-15 22:48:35 ET

<makes a note to read this tomorrow when im less tired>
<3 hope all is well with you in the meantime!

2004-07-15 22:53:36 ET

Lol, silly, why even leave a comment? ::Smacks you::

2004-07-15 23:00:06 ET

because im a bastard like that and i enjoy taking up space in your pants on your page! ;-P


it means i love you or something..dammit! d-:

2004-07-15 23:21:38 ET

Ha, aw, how sweet...I think.<3 I miss you, come back soon damn it! ^_^

2004-07-16 21:37:23 ET

fun times!

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