Divine Decay!
2004-07-28 23:24:33 ET

Yes, I decided to add a picture of myself, not in cosplay! Yes, there is a first time for everything. Yes, so, when seeing me, please do not run away in horror, I maybe a zombie, but I am a classy zombie! ^_^

2004-07-28 23:31:02 ET

holy shit its actually you actually looking like you! yay!
h0tness, you know ;-D

2004-07-28 23:32:16 ET

haha that's an awesome pic!

2004-07-29 00:11:18 ET

Heh, thankies! ::Bows:: Err, I mean, brains!

2004-07-29 00:12:41 ET

hehehe. how do you achieve such paleness?

2004-07-29 01:45:39 ET

Ha, zombie powers! Actually, it is painstaking work, I am naturally pale, I rarely go out during the day, and when I do, I usually always wear a coat, even during the summer! Yes, I am a bit daft.~_^

2004-07-29 19:29:07 ET

hahaha i bet you don't live in arizona! here it's nearly impossible to wear a coat during the summer, and the minute you go outside you get a tan...actually it's like you autotan even from not going out that much. it's so weird.

2004-07-29 23:05:46 ET

Heh, no, thankfully, I can do without summers in Phoenix and other such AZ cities, I think I would probably melt in temps over 100! Ha, autotan, too bad you could not think of a way to make an artificial version of that, with so many people desperate for a tan and skin cancer! =;^.^;=

2004-07-30 22:20:46 ET

yeah, that's why i'm trying to get the hell out. where do you live anyway that it's not as hot? and yeah...autotan would be awesome to sell to those people...i will create the artificial version one day. so remember if someone comes up with it it was that one weird girl from sk that you spoke to a few times. hehehe.

2004-07-31 01:11:51 ET

Heh, actually, I live in Southern California, it is hot, just not as hot, not even close! Ha, I shall keep that in mind, in the future, there will be AutoTan booths at the beach, you need never have embarassing tan lines again! ::Warning:: Not responsible if using AutoTan results in skin cancer, mircowaved organs, blindness, or death. ~_^

2004-07-31 10:30:19 ET

yeah, south california is nowhere near as hot! nice weather compared to here. and yes...no more tan lines, but look at all the risks. i must warn them of those side effects and make everyone sign a disclaimed to not sue and whatnot. cuz i just created the autotan, but i'm not responsible for what is done with it. love the warning lol.

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