Review This!
2004-08-03 23:50:42 ET

So, I received my six month review, even though it was more like my eight month review, or nearly that since last year they wanted to get my review out of the way before the frantic holiday season. I actually thought I would have a better review than I actually got, the same issues as before, they feel I am not inputing enough on what should be done in the store, I should approach customers more often, and my personal favorite, not having enough energy or intiative. I think the approaching part is not really my problem though, most times, people seem a bit intimidated by me, this is no fault of my own, I simply have that air about me, besides, they probably think I am Satan Worshipper or some other agent of evilness, I mean, why else would I be dressed this way? Plus, my energy is never going to be at the level they desire it to be, I simply not that way, I am apathetic, brooding, focused, and methodical, which is why I take my time with things and people, I apologize for my inability to be as motivated and quick as other people, you either want it done fast or right, and they seem to desire both, "Do the best possible job in the quickest amount of time possible!" Um, yeah, good luck with that, especially with the new victims, err, associates we have. Sigh, I do not know how much longer I can stomach working at this place, while it is somewhat less sinister than other jobs, retail is probably the best job you can get, the clothing portion anyways, the people simply grate on my nerves, they should count themselves fortunate that I am so bloody patient. Perhaps when we move, the next Hot Topic will be more tolerable, they will probably think me rather boss simply because I lived in California.
Heh, yes, boss is my latest word to describe something that is cool without using the word cool, which is thrown about far too often these days. I have also started using the word "bunk" as well, ah, I love using slang that has not been around in decades, I could start a fad....or not, whichever, I am sure that in a few months, I will still be the only person referring to that new skirt as "boss." Everyone is just jealous that they are not as creative as me. ::Sticks out tongue::
Speaking of clothing, I am trying to justify buying $120 worth of new clothes, which actually only comes to a pair of pants and a couple of t-shirts. But to defend them, they are really nice pants, some might even say they were boss. So anyways, I am looking for people to put up a convincing argument as to why I should not purchase said clothes, make it really good or I am going to do it, I swear!

2004-08-03 23:57:38 ET

So he would say "thats bunk?" or something?

Bunk is just another word we use here for splooge.

2004-08-04 00:07:34 ET

The Hot Topic in my area is filled with self-absorbed skanks that obviously have better things to do than bother with customers with legitamate questions, such as myself. I came in to buy a gift for a friend, a specific shirt in a specific size, but the clerks was apparently too busy on the phone and looking at earrings to notice the guy at the counter with the product and the money. As long as you're not like that, you can't be doing too bad in retail.

$120 seems like a lot of money for some pants (however Boss they may be), and a couple of shirts. However, my opinion may not be the best to go on, as I am (and will be for the next two weeks) perma-broke, and therefor cannot justify spending more than $20 on a pair of pants at any given time.

2004-08-04 01:40:30 ET

Talulah: Heh, yes, I know it is just slang for some bodily excremant, it simply sounds better than some terms I could use.
Einhander: Unfortunately, a lot of the Hot Topics seem that way, as if by working at Hot Topic, they are that much cooler. Ahem, you work in retail, how cool can you be? Yikes, really, well, so much about our claim for being all about the customers eh? Actually, customer service is one of the parts of my job I excell at so no issues there.
And yes, that does seem like a lot of money to pay, I have the money, but I could certainly use it on more important things that I will think of later. Thank you for the input. ~_^

2004-08-04 11:13:38 ET

yeah, i'm sure you're not bad at working in retail. you're a pretty boss...or bunk person or whatever. hehehe. but i do think that it's a bit outlandish to spend 150 on just pants and a couple of shirts. you could wait for a while, and the prices will prolly go down, and if they don't it's just not worth it. you could get a bunch of kewl shit for way less than 150. so don't do it, unless you're rich and don't care about that amount of money.

2004-08-04 12:47:24 ET

Lollirot: Aw, thanks, I try my damndest to be as boss as possible! And I do agree, even though it is $120 not $150 but that is still a great deal of money to spend, but I doubt the prices will go down, these items I desire are on an online site. Heh, and I am not rich at all, not be any stretch of the imagination, I am just a clothes whore!

2004-08-04 13:53:37 ET

lol! maybe you can find something like what you want somewhere else? haha being a clothes whore is a very hard habit to break -__-. but should ponder some questions.

will you be sorry if you don't get the clothes?
do you need more clothes?
do you need the money for something else more important?

i dunno those are random questions i came up with that might help you a bit.

2004-08-04 16:54:15 ET

I think that girls that work at Hot Topic get addicted to buying clothes due to the 40% discount they get at their work. At least that's the way it seems with m'lady.

2004-08-04 20:47:10 ET

If these clothes are on the website, why don't you provide some links? This way we all could gaze at clothing in question, to better determine it's value.

2004-08-04 23:28:01 ET

It's lame that you focous on it. People always tend to be stupid with reviews.

2004-08-04 23:37:19 ET

Lolli: Don't I know, I have yet to even faze my habit, it is like a drug, I am addicted, I go through withdrawel! To answer yon questions:
Probably, I always end up regretting not getting what I want, it really depends on my mood at the time.
Not really but that has never stopped me before! ^_^
Well, perhaps, my best friend Luci wants me to accompany her to New Orleans next month but my work won't let me! Other than that, I could use a new pair of boots.
Tony: Heh, yes, I agree, I can just blame Hot Topic! Shame on you Hot Topic, it's all your fault, shame! ::Shakes finger::
Ein: Heh, very well, here are the clothes that I fancy: I desire the X-Ray syringe shirt and the circuitboard one. Heh, the pants I want are at the top, the Lex pants from Plastik Wrap, I love their clothing!
Helter: It does not really bother me, it is pretty much what I expected, I just chalk it up to them not wanting to give me a quarter raise, I know they cannot afford that extra nickel. ~_^

2004-08-05 14:28:08 ET can try and break the habit little by little hehehe. i know what you mean about withdrawal too lol. from your answers i can see that you prolly need the money more for other stuff, but you feel the need for the clothes anyway. and i saw what you want. the shirts are pretty kewl, but no offense or anything, but i don't think the pants are worth you spending 78 dollas on.

2004-08-06 00:02:45 ET

Heh, I definitely want the tees, I could defintely use those more than the bottoms, I am still debating though. Ha, all the other stuff I want are pretty frivilous too, like I recently spent nearly $50 on a Mamiya Oki sketch collection artbook, only 80 pages of black and white sketches, $50! And yet, I find it to be worth the money! Ah, there is no hope for me, it is great! BTW, where did you make your cute little icon, I want one! >_<;

2004-08-07 11:49:02 ET

it's ok about the sketch book...that actually does seem to be worth it, especially since you prolly really love mamiya oki. so that's not so bad, even if you didn't need it, but you felt it worth it. and i got it at

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