Bat's day???
2004-08-25 22:11:10 ET

Heh, I was just wondering if anyone on my buddy list or any other random person who happens to stumble upon my journal, the poor, unfortunate soul, will be attending Bat's Day at the Fun Park, I shall be and was curious to know if anyone was interested in meeting up or whatnot! Thanks dolls! <3
Current Music Mood: "Beers, Steers, and Queers."- The Revolting Cocks

2004-08-25 22:21:40 ET

i'm going, buti won't be there till around 6

2004-08-25 22:29:42 ET

if i were there i would x_x

and huzzah for revco!

2004-08-26 20:33:55 ET

M'lady was wanting to go. I'm not sure when she was planning on being there or anything though.

2004-08-26 22:29:44 ET

Heh, yes, poor Lars, I could have even gotten you in for free, I am getting in for free, yea me! ^_^

2004-08-26 22:32:10 ET

i miss ye.

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