Going Batty! ^*^
2004-09-01 23:08:44 ET

Well, Bat's Day was a blast, as if I expected any differently. I went with my friend Jeff and within half an hour, we were absorbed into another group of gothic type peoples. It was great to meet amusing and interesting new people, it is always better to go to such events with a large group than it is to go by yourself or with only one other friend. All day long I received many compliments, heh, mostly about the boss new Illig Skirt I was wearing. We went on several rides, not really too many different ones, for example, we went on Big Thunder Railroad three times! For those of you who are unawares, two people have died on that ride within the last few months, one of my new associates than came up with the Fate Scale which goes as follows:
One is tempting Fate
Two is taunting Fate
Three is flipping Fate the finger and telling him to bring it on!
Heh, we went with #3 that day! Alas, Space Mountain was the only ride I was not able to go on since it is closed for renovations till 2005, which makes Divine Decay sad for she shall be moving within a few months and was not able to go on it, ever!;>_<; I brought a camara with me but forgot I even had it, thusly did not take any pictures, so silly I am at times. Perhaps when they post the pictures for Bat's Day 2004, I might be in a few of them. The one and only downfall of the day was that, well, it is August!! Whose brilliant idea was it to come up with an event of this scale and to have it during the Summer?! Ridiculous! I was so miserable all day because of the weather and the vicious, vicious Sun, it actually impaired my enjoyment of an otherwise fabulous day, sigh. When the evening finally came around, I was so exhausted and drained of all energy, that I no longer possesed the kind of passion I had earlier in the day, heh, I only remember bits and pieces of the evening events, the last meet at the Haunted Mansion, I believe the final count was somewhere at 2000+ goths. One of the most amusing items of the night was the fact that my friend Jeff was #600, I was #599, and he was wearing an ICP t-shirt, heh. I somehow managed to stay at DisneyLand from 11:00am to 11:00pm, I shall never know how I was able. I was a complete zombie the next day but it was worth it....I suppose. <BR> Huzzah, I received my new boots today, my awesome Megas, patent knee high boots with five buckles and a five inch platform, they fit perfectly, just what I needed, more boots! Also, with my next paycheck, I am planning on buying my first pair of New Rocks, yea, something to look forward to, I shall wear them to the Ministry, Thrill Kill Kult, and Hanzel und Gretyl show. I have been working this entire week, I had Sunday off and the next day I have off is Saturday, I have not had any time to do anything, this is really the first free moment I have had to post in any of my journals. Some notable events that I am going to attend or am thinking about attending: I am going to a party that my friend Jesse is throwing for his girlfriend on Friday, it is her birthday, she shall be the same age I am, which is old. ~_^ And perhaps this weekend, if I can drum up enough interest, I would love to go to Das Bunker vs Perversions on Sunday, perhaps with Shia. <3 Well, I shall leave it at this for the moment, as it is late and Divine Decay is tired like. Night dolls.

2004-09-02 14:56:14 ET

M'lady went to Bat's Day with some friends of hers. I wish I would have been able to get the day off and go myself. She said that they had an awesome time.

2004-09-02 22:13:27 ET

I'm so jealous, I just got a job after it all happend. I'm so jealous.Yet my new job kicks so much ass !! I work for a fetish store and get paid bank !! I have not heard from you in a while how are you doing?? and when we going to hang I miss the pam charm heheheh and her snikers of evil doominess.

P.S. New rocks do rock. I'm buying a pair myself care to see ??

2004-09-02 22:26:53 ET

Tony: Aw, I missed her, drat! A great time was had by all, as far as I know, but like I mentioned, it was simply too warm! >_<<BR> Helter: Wow, I am happy for you, congrats on the new job. I am doing well, working a lot lately though, dealing with work type drama. Actually, I was going to ask, are you interested in going to Das Bunker vs Perversions this weekend, Shia and I want to go, we are just trying to find other interested parties! Heh, New Rocks are rockin, what pair do you want? ^_^

2004-09-03 23:13:06 ET

like this....http://www.newrockstore.com/zona1/catalog/images/314_IT_NEG_CH_RE_NE_TOB_E14.jpg well ttyl night.

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