Well, I'll be bushwhacked!
2004-09-04 15:59:27 ET

I'm Reservoir Bush!
Take Which George W Bush Are You? today!
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Ha, this picture amuses me to no end, I love the fact that there is a little black doggie following after them, heh, it is just too much! I do not plan to vote this year, as if that is any different from any other year, both parties hold no interest to me, they both have their faults and seem far too similar to me. Saying this, it is just so fun and simple to poke fun at Bush! ^_^

2004-09-04 16:19:54 ET

now THAT is a great picture!!!

2004-09-04 18:35:07 ET

well howdy doody

I'm Reservoir Bush!
Take Which George W Bush Are You? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator

2004-09-04 20:26:35 ET

Y'know, I always look forward to your posts, at least they have some substance...

I have to say though, that voting in this election is much more important than others in the recent past, and although I think Kerry is a douchebag I'd have to say that www.johnkerryisadouchebagbutimvotingforhimanyway.com

Because as opposed to Bush, Kerry stands for
medical marijuana - pro-choice - tax the rich (200k+)

and thats really enough to get my vote. Oh that and he doesn't want to amend the fucking constitution just to prevent gay people from having any rights.

2004-09-05 14:23:04 ET

Sir Marks: I know, the pure entertainment factor of that image is incredible!
Turbo: Ha, see, you are more like me than you ever realized, yes, now is the time to be frightened!
Plasticity: Thank you my dear, I do try to be at least partially insightful, you know, when I am not aiming for a cheap laugh or being mercilessly sarcastic. I do agree with your points, I probably would vote for Kerry if I had to, if someone placed a 44. against my temple and made me choose between the two, the lesser of two evils I suppose. And that is just terrible, I mean, why should anyone care wether or not gays want to get married, shouldn't they be able to suffer just like the rest of us? ~_^

2004-09-05 17:03:07 ET


2004-09-05 23:22:23 ET

Heh, are you now, looks like all my fantasies have become a reality! Yes!! I am the robo-bitch of doom, bow to my mighty robot powers of robotness!! ~_^

2004-09-05 23:35:09 ET

wait a minute now, I'm the great robot commander... you can't be the robot bitch of doom! I haven't built her yet!

2004-09-05 23:56:26 ET

Ahem, my LJ icon would beg to differ comrade and if my LJ icon says it, than it must be true. ~_^

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