Finally, my awesomeness is being recognized!
2004-10-01 23:33:26 ET

Yes indeed, I made both store and District Employee of the Month for the month of September, yes, I rule, go me. Oh, for those of you unawares, I happen to work at Hot Topic, yes, please, do not pity or envy me, whichever may be the case. Plus, I managed to find and purchase a copy of the Alice Addict artbook by gothic lolita inspired mangaka/artist Mitsukazu Mihara, I am rather fond of her work, especially since I started reading her manga Doll, about beautiful androids and their relationships with humans, which I completely recommend to anyone. I went to look for images from her works and there are next to no websites containing them, what a horrible injustice! Perhaps this might inspire me to create another web page. ::Taps chin thoughtfully:: And I finally received my New Rocks, and they fit perfectly, if not for my intense paranoia pertaining to the possibility of getting strep throat which one of my fellow associates at work supposedly has, this week would have been fabulous! And I am still a tidbit under the weather, here is to hoping that I am not coming down with anything else! ::Fingers crossed::

2004-10-02 06:03:17 ET

take some vitamin c and some advil or tylenol before u get sick, its something nurses tell eachother if they think they are gonna get sick, its an old wives tale but it helps me not get as sick all the time (i think :) . in terms of the art u like not finding its way on the net, you should scan each page and let it be shared, or submit it to people with images already on their pages this way the book company doesnt come after you. Take care~j.r.

2004-10-02 13:24:56 ET


im jealous of said new rocks ;-P
but spiffy

2004-10-02 23:20:43 ET

StealYourPain: Some Vitamin C and Advil/Tylenol hmm? ::Jotting this down:: Yea, I am all for old wives tale's, I mean, who knows better than old wives? And thank you for the advice pertaining to the artwork. ^_^
Turbo: Thankies! As well you should be, they are the very height of bossness! And I think your week was probably better than mine. ~_^ <3

2004-10-03 16:15:51 ET

That's realy cool m'dear.

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