Well I'll be G-Mailed!
2004-10-10 01:48:32 ET

Yes, I have taken the advice of Mr. Turbo and have signed myself up for one of those fine and dandy G-Mail accounts, I am sure I shall regret eventually listening to Mr. Turbo for he is a crazy kid and forever up to no good, sinister like things! And yesterday, I dressed like a pirate, pictures were taken, humiliation captured on film, perhaps I might show you, if you think you deserve to see them. And today, again with the pirates, for it is Pirate Weekend at Hot Topic, let the piratey goodness commence!

2004-10-10 07:16:59 ET

you know me so well! ^_^

and you should definately post pictures.


2004-10-15 23:08:52 ET

gmail sounds like a great concept... 1 gig of space and FREE!

2004-10-15 23:11:55 ET

its email heaven. google is teh best. klemmy, if youd like an invite, i can send ya one

2004-10-15 23:14:53 ET

nah, i'm cool...i got one, Doktor242 gave me mine...but i know someone that wants in on it

2004-10-15 23:15:09 ET

ah ok

good times

2004-10-15 23:21:38 ET

i just got my invites to give peeps myself...

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