Pleasure and Pain
2004-10-23 23:14:30 ET

So yeah, it has been awhile eh? I know, I have the most elequent, well thought out beginnings to my posts, I try, really. Today was tiring, we went to the Block which is the lovely outdoor mall type thing near my home, it was alright, I suppose, we went and saw The Grudge, it was good, kind of reminiscant of The Ring as it is also a Japanese horror film, except it was directed by the same director who did the Japanese version so it added some extra spice. Alas, I realized today why I hate to go to movies, one, people were talking, two, people did not turn off their cell phones, and three, some idiot brought their wailing infant to a PG-13 rated movie, bloody hell, get a goddamn babysitter! We also did a spot of shopping, I bought the new pirate Living Dead Doll, it is so adorable and you know how Divine Decay likes her dead dollies! I also purchased a new Bleeding Edge Goth figure from series Three, ha, she is a fetish cyber nurse, it is so cute, heh, I know Luci would fancy her, I believe her name is Nurse Hypochondrianna, heh, clever. Than we went to the Halloween Store of Super, where I purchased a police badge for one of my outfits this week and an IV bag with a biohazard symbol on it, full of fake blood, yes, it is really that awesome, that I purchased for my Nuclear Armageddon outfit, damn, I still require a gasmask, I am hoping to borrow one from a friend. Yes, this week in the land of Hot Topic, we have to dress up each day we work, I work five days so thusly, five outfits which are as such:
Sunday: Cyber Geisha (Inspired by Luci!)
Monday: Police Officer
Wednesday: Fetish Military
Friday: Nuclear Armageddon
Saturday: Undead Doll
Do not fear, I shall take pictures of each of my outfits for all to enjoy! Though the dates and outfits are subject to change of whim. Lastly, I went to The Virgin Megastore, I shall make no puns about this, really, I promise, and bought a couple of cds, Alien Sex Fiend and Einsturzende Neubauten. By the end of the night, I was all tired and in pain. To elaborate, for the last few days, I have been having a problem with my right big toe for reasons unknown, it could be an ingrown toenail or some such thing, all I know is that it hurts something fierce and it makes any kind of significant walking rather difficult, which is a bit of an issue since I mostly wear large boots that does not concern themselves with the condition of my feet, I am all afraid now that it might get infected and I do not have the money to see a physician about it either so I will simply have to contend with the pain, the thought of which does not appeal to me in the least, especially since I work five days this week and I have to "dress up." Ah well, it seems as though it is always something with me, though it does feel a tad better now after I numbed it good with a baggie of ice. Heh, yes, I am sure you all wanted to know about Divine Decay's foot problems, I hope I brightened your morning with that.

2004-10-24 05:03:10 ET

yeah my morning could have done without the toe story.
Those sound like great costumes, I can't wait to see the pictures. I've only got one costume. Its a UN weapons inspector.

2004-10-24 16:36:19 ET

So what are you doing on Halloween dear?

2004-10-24 17:03:50 ET

virgin megastore sucks ;-P
nya nya.

as do ingrown toenails....hope that gets better!

2004-10-24 21:08:00 ET

Plasticity: Heh, actually, that's a great idea for a costume, damn, wish I would have thought of it!
Phoenix: Actually, some friends and I were thinking of going to Chamber, what are your plans dolling?
Turbo: Ha, our new assnt manager used to be the manager at that Virgin Megastore! ; p

2004-10-24 21:10:22 ET

i wanna go to chamber! )':

hmmmm......does he have a british accent?

2004-10-24 21:11:47 ET

I was just going to go to Johnny's and maybe a couple other places depending. Bar hopping pretty much but looking for something better.

2004-10-24 21:44:35 ET

Turbo: I want you to go to Chamber too, so, get your arse here asap! ~_^ He is actually a she, her name is Ladonna.
Phoenix: Come with us, it will be ever so much's a trick, she's lying! Shut up you! Heh, sorry, it is late. o_0

2004-10-24 21:47:21 ET

ah ok
then he's not the guy who um...saw me in the backroom of said virgin megastore.
<shifty eyes>
and i wish i could get there already

2004-10-25 13:48:42 ET

Where is Chamber?

2004-10-25 16:52:47 ET

chamber's in anaheim!
d00d that's right you never went there with us did you?
wonder why not....must've been you worked that night or something <scratches head>

2004-10-25 17:06:50 ET


2004-10-25 17:08:39 ET

well, its a good club if you can ignore the occasional lame fetish show they put on.

2004-10-25 18:18:31 ET

Hmmm... not so much a club person. Maybe though. The Devine Pam ought to PM me her phone number so I can call her about it.

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