2004-10-28 22:55:18 ET

Yesterday was eventful. First off, I had my appointment with the podiatrist early in the morning, 10:30 am, I did not know what to expect honestly. You see, Divine Decay has a shining thing going with the medical profession, I do not trust them, I do not like the feeling of my health, perhaps even my life, being in the hands of a person who does not know me and most likely, only cares at all about me because I am the person that helps to buy that new porsche they desire. So, I wait for a bit, fill out some paperwork, the standard fare at the doctor's office and than am called into the doctor's room of horrors, heh, at least my mother was with me, damned if I was going to go alone! So, I sat there for about ten minutes are so, reading the various illustrated charts, detailing all the possible things that could be wrong with my poor right big toe when the doctor comes in, a very sweet, kindly looking Asian lady. Ah, a woman I think, maybe this will not be so bad. Boy, how could I be so wrong? She was very nice though, and explained to me what I already knew, that I had an ingrown toenail and that it was infected, the only thing to do was to get rid of the offending part of the nail, the procedure which would take less than five minutes and alas, would be a bit painful. She sprayed this mysterious liquid on my foot which made it very icy cold, not numb mind you, which would have been preferable, took these rather sharp looking scissor type thing and cut into my poor nail, which led to roughly ten seconds of the worst, most excrutiating pain of my entire life, I cringed and bared it though, having a high threshold for pain such as I do. Heh, afterwards, while wrapping my toe, she said that many people scream or curse during the same procedure, I was good, I did neither, that I admit, I certainly wanted to, my pride would never let me though. I could not even get my shoe on over the bandages so we had to call a cab to take us home. Most of the day has been spent napping and coping will the dull, throbbing pain in my toe, I also have to take care of my toe, cleaning it and the like, plus, I have to wear open toed shoes for a bit, until it heals mostly, which will be fun, what with the cold weather and all.-> ::Cold Divine Decay, shivers!:: So, this thusly ruins any and all plans I had for this Halloween weekend, so, for those of you who are actually going to enjoy yourselves, a plague, a plague on all your houses!!

2004-10-29 08:42:46 ET

I'm sorry you can't join us at the bondage ball PAM I will messge you !!

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