KMFDM anyone?
2004-11-15 00:44:12 ET

I just thought I would write a quick entry since I have not for a bit. I went to Chamber tonight, and let me just say, wow, the club scene has certainly gone downhill music wise, well, at least at this particular club. They play nothing but EBM and crappy EBM at that, the whole three and a half so hours I was there, I only danced to one song, Terrorfakt's Street Justice and that is because I recently bought the cd, at Hot Topic of all places, noize at Hot Topic...are you scared too? Of course, part of that was because I am so overly concerned about harming my toe further that any sort of activity that takes a lot of effort is taboo for me for the time being. I wore my new goggles tonight, ouch, I am not used to wearing them, they are not particularly comfortable, I get plenty of compliments on them though, they are neat, metal with biohazard symbols on the lenses! Oh, how I long to return to the greener pastures of Das Bunker! I had much more fun simply sitting and talking with friends Duncan, Shia, and Jesse, plus a few others whose names I regretfully do not remember right now, going on not too much sleep right now! Duncan and I, who are both employeed by Hot Topic now, met a very cool gent from Hot Topic HQ who invited us to come take a tour of their most awesome facilities, as his guests, we were both rather excited at the prospect, I have heard so much about HQ, I am sure I would enjoy the chance to see the inner working of this company.
Other than that, I posted a bunch of auctions on Ebay for I am in need of money and closet space, again, sigh, I really need to seek some help for my shopping addiction, the first step is admitting you have a problem and I have a problem, heh, that I honestly do not want to solve. I get paid this Friday, hopefully in time so that I can buy a new top for the Skinny Puppy show on the 28th of this month, alas, I bought a new skirt for the show, a spiffy Illig one from our website, but it was too big, now I have to get the size exchanged, argh, damn me and my weight loss, nothing fits right anymore!
On Friday, I went with my friend Jeff and the mother and sister units to the Block to see Seed of Chucky. My opinion of the movie was mixed, I found it very amusing, but the whole premise of the movie was rather silly, I could not seem to get over that fact plus, there was nothing remotely scary or even creepy about the movie. I was slightly disappointed though I do not know what I was expecting, probably exactly what I got. I can never get over my notion that every movie I see has to be something high minded, Divine Decay needs to learn it is okay to shut off her brain and watch something stupid and fun! I went to our new store at the Block and bought the aforementioned Terrorfakt cd and this gorgeous model done by Todd Macfarlane of H.R. Giger's famous LI II, it is now adorning my dresser.
Tonight should be fabulous, it is the KMFDM show, even though Raymond Watts will not be there, they always put on a great show, I am sure tonight will be no exception, I hope I will see some of you there! Goodnight all.

2004-11-15 01:01:49 ET

they're seeling HOT TOPIC...AT THE BLOCK!???!!!!?
this must truly be a sign of the appocalypse.

what record label are they on...?
i havent bothered to notice myself...

2004-11-15 05:07:20 ET


2004-11-15 22:52:30 ET

Turbo: Yep, they sure are, it is weird, is it not, I was quite taken aback myself. And to answer your question, they are on Metropolis Records.
Sinsation: Heh, your username is the name of a PIG album, spiffy. ~_^

2004-11-15 22:55:31 ET

ah...metropolis...what i figured. that sortof explains it they tend to widely market their stuff more than, say, ant-zen or hive.

2004-11-16 12:37:12 ET

Turbo: Oh yeah, they market the bloody hell out of their stuff, and Hot Topic does not sell much industrial music that is not on the Metropolis label. Feh, I miss Wax Trax, heh, just thought I would mention that! >_<

2004-11-16 17:03:11 ET

That makes me the coolest person in OC.

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