2004-12-02 22:20:46 ET

Why is that it seems that every other gothic/industrial compilation cd that comes out has Apoptygma Beserk on it, what, are these guys now considered the torch bearers of the modern industrial music movement, please say no! Why do people even like them, they are not industrial, they symbolize the very worst of the whole EBM scene, they are practically techno music, just with more lyrics in the cheesy industrial vein. I love industrial but seriously folks, the lyrics, when the music has lyrics, are silly and ridiculous, hokey even, heh, but that does not go to say that I do not take pleasure in the cheesiness, I rather enjoy it in fact. Some industrial bands put some depth and thought to their lyrics, like, um, well, I will think of a band, give me time! Which reminds me, I was meaning to ask, I am starting to get interested in the Power Noize industrial sub-genre, what are so good bands to check out for a newly integrated fan?
Feh, I want to go to Das Bunker tonight, but I doubt I will be able to, I have to work, closing, till 10:30pm, sigh, and I so wanted to go as well, this is one of those many times where I wished I had a car. Maybe I just need to hire a chauffer, yes, that would be excellent, someone to take me everywhere I need to go, whenever I need to go. I swear, I think I have the most friends who do not drive of anyone in California, it is absolutely insane! Perhaps this will finally inspire me to get a car, probably not though, car payments, insurance, I would have a car but no money to go anywhere, than I would still be in the same boat! I just cannot win! >_<;

2004-12-02 22:35:13 ET

not only is apop horrid, they represent two of the most (imho) horrible genres, futurepop and ebm. i too hope that they are not considered that. :'[

2004-12-02 22:41:24 ET

when i come back, we go to bunker ;-P

and um some good powernoise groups/artists off the top of me head:
s.i.n.a., hypnoskull, converter, iszoloscope, somatic responses, hiv+, tarmvred, imminent starvation, 5f_55, this morn' omina (they're not really pure powernoise but they're close enough, dammit), ummm <thinks>
ill give you more when im less tired ;-P

2004-12-02 22:42:58 ET

sirmarksalot: ebm was started with the likes front line assembly, nitzer ebb, front 242, and (of course) skinny puppy, technically speaking
its just been turning more and more corny and poppy as of late x_x
its more the new ebm scene that has alot of shit it in, and not the subgenre in general

2004-12-02 23:02:27 ET

SirMarksALot: I agree completely with that, I could not have said it better myself, and they are by far the two most popular genres in industrial music, no clubs play old school industrial anymore. Sigh.
Turbo: Uh huh...*Jotting names down* Maybe when you get back, you can burn some for me, I hate buying cds, they are so pricey, especially when you factor in how inexpensive they are to manufacture! o_0;

2004-12-02 23:04:08 ET

you dont have to tell me who started it man, come on. i was speaking as late and even in general. and honestly the new ebm scene as of now is pretty much the only ebm scene.

2004-12-03 17:52:49 ET

pam: bunker plays old skool! ;-P and yes i could burn you my entire library if ya want ^_^
and i dunno, coldwave still has its fanbase (although i generally prefer ebm but theres plenty of brilliant coldwave bands still out there)...unfortunately, in america anyway, that fanbase is being overrun by fucktards. er...i mean metalheads. same thing. X-D

marks: well, yeah, fair enough. although i notice that the people who listen to shit like apop usually listen to pretty much ONLY stuff like apop. so its not like they're really too integral to the 'scene' anyway...more just like leeches...or something. ha. damn im in a pissy mood tonight it would

2004-12-03 23:42:26 ET

Turbo: You are always in a pissy ranty mood, I think you have to stay in that constant state of annoyance to be so bloody humerous, never change, never! ::Shakes fist::

2004-12-04 07:11:05 ET

oh fine

2004-12-07 04:06:57 ET

Slide Rail Reccomends:

Converter, Manufactura, Terrorfakt, Unter Null, Imminent Starvation, Punch Inc.

And that's all I can think of now. Too damn early.

2004-12-07 18:49:28 ET

Slide Rail: Thanks, Terrorfakt I am already rather fond of, so many bands to check out! o_0;

2004-12-07 18:58:51 ET

OMG how could any of you forget Winterkalte?!? you are lucky i came along.

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