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2004-12-21 22:38:32 ET

Feh, I am so exhausted, everything has been insanity since Thursday! Yea, my good friend Lars came back on Wednesday, heh, he called me up Thursday night and we all went to Perversions in Hollywood. I almost declined the invitation, I had to work till 7:00pm that evening but I simply could not pass up the chance to hang out with Lars and his lovely girlfriend Natascha and her sweet friend Alex. I did not regret my decision since we had a great time and they actually played some decent music, after the first hour or so of crap which we enthusiastically poked fun at. I danced to five songs I believe, which is rare for me, an unusually high number, among them being Megalomaniac by KMFDM and Cause it's Hot by Thrill Kill Kult, which almost killed me, that bloody song is over ten minutes long, I am never doing that again, I do not have that much energy to begin with!
On Friday, I had the day off so Lars and I went shopping for Christmas/b-day gifts for Natascha and himself, I do believe my presents were fantabulous, I do aim to please and I do enjoy outdoing other people, heh, yep, I am awful, I admit it, ask any of my friends, I buy great gifts! We went out with the expectation of going to Das Bunker but plans fell through but hey, we still had fun, went to Boba and had a late dinner at this awesome pizza place, with a very cybery theme and a enormous green Cthulu hanging in the back that I wanted to steal, too bad I would have had no room for it! >_<;<BR> Saturday was great fun, I went to the birthday party of Lars and Natascha, they have their birthdays on the same day, that's right odd that is! The wonderful Tony gave me a ride, even though we got a tad lost, which always seems to happen when I am around, I automatically throw off everyone's elses sense of direction. That, or none of my friends had senses of direction in the first place, I may be giving myself too much credit. The party was a blast, lots of cool people there, and I did what I always do in an enviornment where there is a lot of people, sit in a corner and look antisocial so no one will dare to talk to me, lest I bite their heads off, seriously, according to several people, I am scary looking. I took some pictures which I will be posting once I get them developed which might be at the end of the week, hopefully, they will turn out since I took them with a crap disposable camara and they were taken outside. Sigh, I really need a digital camara but they are so pricey! I got home rather late, well, late for the reason that I had to be at work by 6:00am that very same morning, and I got about two hours of sleep, yes, I too thought that was an excellent idea, hey, she's going to a party the night before, let's make her come in at 6:00am! ::Slaps hand against forehead:: Ah work...that is it, that is all I have to say.
Speaking of which, I hate working during the holidays, and I do not know if I have ever mentioned this before, but I hate the holidays, once again, I am nearly broke from spending money on gifts for people, I have not bought a new article of clothing in a long time, which for me is like a couple of weeks. At least I am going to post some auctions after Christmas, since people will have money and my items have the chance of going for nice prices, I still need to pay Luci for my Myoubi cosplay! Back to the holiday rant, I swear, I think I am actually developing claustrophobia from being confined in our small store with so many people, I was actually feeling physically ill today! As if there is not already enough wrong with me...alright, wow, I am just leaving myself open for some sassy remarks about that one!

2004-12-22 02:58:49 ET

Nice to meet you at Natasha's party. You didn't look scary. Black is Beautiful, I say.

2004-12-22 11:22:11 ET

Analog: Yes, it was great to meet more SK people, we should just throw a huge party sometime, with all the Cali SKers. Heh, thank you, I think you are the first person to say I am not scary. ^_^

2004-12-22 12:05:17 ET

yeah your present rocked !!! and we had lots of fun.... !!!<3

2004-12-22 13:52:27 ET

retail sucks!!! well i hope you have a good christmas !!

2004-12-22 15:01:20 ET

Happy that you got a wee bit of sleep at least. I felt bad that I didn't take you home earlier.

2004-12-22 15:55:55 ET

Predator: I am glad you liked it! <3
Undigit: Tell me about it, and I will try, it is better to give than to receive and I am giving a lot!
Phoenix: I managed and I was actually functional at work later that day, amazing! ;p

2004-12-26 12:10:54 ET

it so good to see you again!! i just wish you werent still way the f00k in o.c. so we could hangout more often )':
any chance of you going to vnv?

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