2005-01-15 23:33:04 ET

I could just keep the title and that would perfectly describe my mood of late. I have not updated in quite a time, for that I must muster some sort of apology:
Bart: "Oh, but all my apologies seem so forced."
Marge: "Bart!"
Bart: "I'm sorry."
Marge: "That's better."
*Bart chuckling wickedly under his breath*
Ah, nothing like a witicism from the Simpsons to get the ball rolling the right way. So, yeah, my first issue comes from, drum roll please, my current employment status, I am still employed, but one would never know from how much I am working now, around 10 hours a week. Yep, you heard me, a whole whopping ten hours a week! You would think that since I have worked there for nearly a year and a half, at that god forsaken subkulture cesspool, that that would leave me in some sort of good standing among my peers. Wrong, of course, I have now come to realize that to them, I am merely another cog in the retail machine that is Hot Topic, they are no better and no worse than any other retail company, except for the fact that they are liberal with the dress code and the discount is significant but other than that, there is no real reason to even consider working there unless you are entering into a management position, that is the only time I could even recommend wanting to work there, I am that disillusioned with them currently.
I am now confronted with the inevitibility that I am going to be forced to get a full time job, something I never wanted to do, as I have aspirations to finally attend college and perhaps make something of myself after several years of idling. Getting a full time job is going to impact that, since I doubt I will have much free time in which to pursue school activities, what with saving up for a car and perhaps finally moving out. Yes, I am now currently debating not accompanying my parents to Missouri when they move this summer, I am still undecided but I am leaning towards not at this time, it may just be that I am so currently irritated with practically every aspect of my life as of now.
Plus, my lack of hours and the pathetic amount I currently make working in retail Hell is impacting my plans to go to Florida and visit my best friend at the end of Feburary which has been on my mind for the last few days, making me feel absolutely awful and terribly guilty, as it is either going to Florida and probably not paying for the cosplays or paying for the cosplays and not being able to go to Florida, plus there are two birthdays that are coming up at the end of the month, my best friend Luci's and my friend Johnathan's, interestingly enough, only two days apart, odd, that. Feh, the plane ticket alone is probably going to be around $250! *Hands on the side of my head* Argh, so many things that are going to require cash that I simply do not have, short of selling my body, I doubt I am going to be able to save up enough. Heh, and no smart ass comments about the selling my body line either, I know you naughty souls, give you an opening... Hopefully, my ebay auctions that I shall post early this next week will help me out with my situation, and some of my dear friends owe me money as well, which should also aide my current financial situation, at least slightly. Well, I am not going to be completely pessimistic as of yet, who knows, anything can happen in the space of a few weeks, and if anyone has any ideas, let me know, I am open for some sound advice. Once again, I apologize, this time for subjecting you to yet another tired rant, as if you do not get enough of those already! ~_^

2005-01-16 00:19:44 ET

Sometimes, you have to take a step back from your friends and family to get on your feet. If you are serious about getting your own place you might have to go full time and not spend so much on your friends birthday. If they are good friends they will understand.

2005-01-16 09:45:38 ET

::resists making naughty, distasteful comments::

good luck with the move out. I'm stuck with my parents until I'm out of school. :/

2005-01-16 20:44:59 ET

Perhaps you could, on a lark, sell your body on E-Bay with the stipulation that whom ever purchases it will not recieve ownership of it until you are dead. You might actually be able to make money off of that. Ofcourse you would probably get several e-mails or messeges from people stating that they would like to see the merchandise before they purchase it.

2005-01-16 21:22:13 ET

Vasa: That is an excellent point that you make but I do enjoy indulging my friends and family to an insane degree, and I dislike the thought of not getting my best friend something fine for her b-day, we have known each other for years.
Analog Sky: Heh, good idea to resist that urge, I know where I can find you! ;p
Phoenix: Ha ha, that is classic, and a great idea actually, I wonder if anyone else has thought of it, I am certain some university would perchance be interested in my corpse. Err, at least I hope it will be for scientific reasons! However, I believe it is illegal to sell human beings or any human body parts on Ebay, I am foggy on the particulars though. ^_^

2005-01-16 21:35:29 ET

being a dominatrix isn't really selling your body, right? you just sell pain.
problem solved.

2005-01-17 02:35:37 ET

for whatever its worth, ill very likely be working at wal-mart for the next 2 to 5 years...certainly its not what i want to do with my life, but its the saving up and getting there thats important for me right now. not to mention i enjoy working in electronics at wal-mart eons more than i ever liked hot topic..and like ive told you, they treat you far better...but then i think there's probably a lot of companies who treat their associates better than hot topic ;-P hot topic's a good place for high school kids to work to earn some extra cash...thats about it.

also, for the last time, just move to hollyweird with me ;-P

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