2005-02-03 22:03:05 ET

I made $330 on my seven Ebay auctions! :D Oh, and $.82 cents, I cannot forget that. Not only is it sufficient funds for my trip to FL at the end of the month, I can even buy some new clothes and the thought of new clothing always puts me in a good mood. Plus, I got my spiderweb creepers in the mail today, they are a bit big as I expected them to be but not to the extent that I cannot wear them which is all I care about. And I am currently debating drawing an anime SD of myself as a new icon, it would be amusing and such. ^_^

2005-02-03 22:21:21 ET

huzzah and other such joyous interjections!

2005-02-04 09:51:35 ET

aww thats so cool!!!! i want to sell so much crap on ebay but i cant cuz i dont have the patience to list it from a computer that has a fuckin dial-up modem!!! GRRR >:o
but yay for you! ^_^

2005-02-04 13:23:03 ET

Turbo: Damn skippy!
thRax: Yes, it was way more than I thought I was going to get! Heh, I have tons of patience and dial up, a good combination. Selling on ebay is great, the three times I have posted I have made over $700. And promptly spent it all. >_<;

2005-02-05 13:15:11 ET

oh that just gives me so much confidence in my computer! i JUST may be able to sell stuff! we shall see *runs off with cape*

2005-02-05 22:53:22 ET

neither of you were at das bunker! >:-O

i am very dissapointeded.

2005-02-05 23:04:15 ET

thRax: Yes, go, take on ebay, you'll love it!
Turbo: Sorry doll, I was not feeling well enough, will you be at Maschine next week? *Big sparkly kitten eyes*

2005-02-06 11:25:28 ET

ill try to be but it depends on i may not make it until next wednesday seeing as i dont get paid till thursday. <shakes fist>

2005-02-06 13:25:12 ET

Yes, so you are going to come, excellent. <-- Is just hearing what she wants to hear.--> ;p No problem, I shall see you soon enough most likely.

2005-02-06 14:16:42 ET

oh pam, yune called me (a while back) and had told me about machine. maybe once i see how my spring semester is going to be like, id probably be able to come too ^_^

lars... would you happen to need any passengers?

2005-02-06 22:28:38 ET

that reminds me...i still need to call yune! i didnt get back to her the 2 times she called me cause i was sick >_<<BR> if either of you talk to her sometime soon be sure to tell her hey from me...hopefully i can call her on one of my days off.

anyway, mary, itd rock if you could come along...although this wednesday im pretty sure the only way thatd work is if you wanted to pay for gas, as i will have no moolah whatsoever until thursday >_<

2005-02-07 10:53:54 ET

hmmm sounds like a plan nikka. we'll see. most likely i wont be able to work it out this week either since i wont be paid til friday and i have to buy my sister a bday gift today since its her bday today! gonna get her Lord of the Rings#3 its gonna ROCK!

2005-02-07 11:41:59 ET

good times :-D
well, we'll hafta plan for next week then!

2005-02-07 18:17:00 ET

yea i spoke to Yune today. So here are the plans... Feb. 18 we all go to Friggin BUNKER and on the 20th We all be goin to Chamber. YA GOT THAT NIKKAS?!

2005-02-07 18:52:11 ET

chamber will depend on my work schedule...maschine i can usually do because im off wednesdays...bunker i can always do :-D

ill hopefully get ahold of yune tonight or tomorrow night

2005-02-07 21:49:31 ET

Yes, no journal is better for making plans and most likely keeping them than mine. *Nods matter of factly* So it is written so it shall come to pass!

2005-02-08 10:36:31 ET

MUHAHAH! RevShade may be in town that weekend too! EEE!! More ppl to go to chamber thats for sure!

2005-02-08 12:14:21 ET

revshade!?! ok then i HAVE to go. ill call in sick if need be.

2005-02-08 12:15:47 ET

YES! awww he is my ducky ^_^!!!

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