2005-02-11 21:55:50 ET

A rather short entry, this. I have come to the decision that I shall not be moving when my family does in the summer, yep, no Missouri for me. I just believe, and rightly so, that I will be miserable and bored there. Than I will, after being driven mad from boredom, become America's most infamous female serial killer. And who says I do not have high aspirations for myself?
After I return from Florida, I am going to seek out a full time job that will most likely bite, but I can deal with it, as long as it pays decently and there is oppurtunity to advance. In the next few months, I will be busy, trying to save up money, going to driving school, and finally getting a car, a car, joy! Of course, ahem, I will need someone who wants a roommate who is a neat freak but at the same time, is highly dependable, responsible, and best of all, completely and utterly sarcastic. And where I will not have to pay a terribly high price for rent, I do need some money to spend on myself. I have never been out on my own, I am excited and apprehensive, I know the difficulties but I believe I am ready to take them on. Well, this is the extent of my entry, there is nothing more to say, fin! ~_^

2005-02-11 22:05:52 ET

yay ! YEEAHHHYY! <3

2005-02-11 22:12:24 ET

i am neat (mostly)
and i am dependable
and i am looking to get a place by sometime between april and july
and well you know the rest d-:
apply at wal-mart-land (unless youd rather work at macy's again ;-P)!
you could work at the l.a. store of insanity with meh!
we could carpool and park in the special employee rideshare spots!
yayee! 8-D

2005-02-11 22:15:55 ET

It's fun to move away from the folks.

2005-02-11 23:17:16 ET

Good luck. =)

2005-02-12 22:16:29 ET

Predator: ^_^!!!
Turbo: Yes, you are all those things and a bag of chips! Ha, Yune has offered to let me stay with her too, it's nice to be so popular even though it will be several months till I move out.
Analog: I imagine so, a measure of freedom anyways.
HB Produkt: Pfft, I do not need your luck! Heh, thanks. ~_^

2005-02-12 22:31:29 ET

I can arrange to have you tied up in the goth room while i play an entire set of ICP.

Fear the DJ!*shakes fist*

2005-02-13 12:06:22 ET

HB Produkt: Oh no, not that, whip me, beat me, make me write bad checks, anything but a block of ICP! Behold the wrath of the DJ God! ;p

2005-02-13 19:50:15 ET

hmmm interesting, as i was thinking about asking yune to be a third roommate...<ponders>

this could result in one gigantic roommate explosion!

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