2005-07-07 19:53:04 ET

It is my 23rd birthday officially now, let us commence with making light of my advanced age! Send me borthday wishes, please... *Big Eyes*

2005-07-07 20:10:04 ET

Happy birthday!

Here's a little something for good luck...

2005-07-07 20:15:46 ET

Happy b-day, you crazy, senile cat lady. Should I get you a walker, or cane?

2005-07-07 20:16:21 ET

Happy's all down hill from here

2005-07-07 20:40:44 ET

Happy Birthday. Now that you have retired in Florida I hope you can enjoy the rest of your time on earth. Bingo cards and loud clothes are obligatory for your new home.

2005-07-07 20:49:25 ET

hooray, happy birthday

2005-07-07 21:32:32 ET

Happy birthday to you!

2005-07-07 22:03:16 ET

Happy birthday! I got you a walker and some adult diapers.

2005-07-07 23:26:50 ET

Happy borthday.
I'm back on SK (was anagnorisis).

2005-07-08 01:41:51 ET

happy b-day.

2005-07-08 02:14:41 ET

Man you are freakin old. :P

2005-07-08 02:45:33 ET

Hehe, I glomped you right at midnight! Much shopping and celebrating today.

2005-07-08 03:08:20 ET

Cheers, happy birthday!

2005-07-08 13:25:48 ET

Aw, I can feel the love in the room...eew, stop it, you are creeping me out!!! *Runs away from the love*

2005-07-08 14:23:54 ET

happy womb liberation day to ye

come back to cali )':

2005-07-09 10:09:59 ET

Turbo: Ha, I love your term for the b-day! Actually, we are planning to come to Cali in October so mark that on your calendar, do it! *Shakes fist*

2005-07-09 12:50:18 ET

i shall.

good to see the florida weather hasn't melted you yet ;-P

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